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The Law Offices of Patel & Soltis musters excellent legal talent in New York and New Jersey, focusing on foreclosure litigation, loan modifications, and bankruptcy in New Jersey. If you need a NJ Foreclosure Attorney start by talking to one for free today. We are a family based firm that focuses on serving individuals and their businesses. Whether you need foreclosure defense in New York or New Jersey or your family Will. We have the legal know-how and professionalism for you.

New Jersey Foreclosure Legal Services

Our firm focuses on New Jersey Foreclosure Litigation and New Jersey Loan Modification. Our offices are located in Jersey City, New Jersey and in New York City. Our Foreclosure Defense practice encompasses many areas; from cash for keys (deeds in lieu), short sales, bankruptcy, and civil defense. We also work with realtors that can often get you more than you owe on your home so that you actually walk away with money in your pocket. We will examine your situation, and customize a solution to either save your home or for you to profit as much as possible.

Our Partners, Associates, and support staff have years of experience in immigration and small business law, including contracts and defamation law suits.

New Jersey Foreclosure Defense - Starts Now

Have you been served with a summons and complaint? Has a Lis Pendens been filed?

We fight for you.

The clock starts ticking and you have 35 days to file an answer with the Superior Court. Contact an attorney today to discus your situation.

How long do you think New Jersey Foreclosure takes?

New Jersey used to be the slowest state for bank foreclosures, but with recent rule changes...

From the time you miss a payment to the time the Bank takes possession of your home can be 9 months.

With new streamlined foreclosure processes an uncontested foreclosure can be completed in an under a year. Contact an attorney today to discus your situation to see how much time you may have left.

Other issues affecting your ability to pay?

We have attorneys that view you as a person, not a foreclosure.

We are on your side.

We can advise you on all aspects of your situation that may be affecting your ability to pay your mortgage. Contact an attorney today to discus your situation.

Jersey City Attorney Office Location (Primary Location):

Across the street from Justice Brennen Courthouse:
574 Newark Ave, Suite 307
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Foreclosures attorneys located the closest to the court house in jersey city

Located on bus lines 80, 82 & 84. Three blocks from Journal Square Path Location.

Grove Street PATH Attorney Office Location:

Next to Grove Street PATH Location
121 Newark Ave, Suite 554
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Foreclosures lawyers next to Jersey city grove street path

276 Fifth Avenue New York City Attorney Office Location:

New York Foreclosures attorney located in new york

What kind of NJ Foreclosure are you facing?

Read the reviews of our Attorneys:

5 Stars – Kyle Jackson on Google: “Mr. Patel and Mr. Cardenas of Patel & Soltis were a tremendous help! I had gotten a cell phone ticket and it was my second offense in NJ. The minimum was $500 and two points! With their extensive knowledge and powerful negotiating they got it reduced to only obstructing traffic, no points, and only $150 fine!!! I could not believe it!! These guys really know what they are doing and I highly recommend them to everyone!!”

Google review for attorneys5 Stars – Andre Kapril on Google: “Mr. Patel offered to speak with me for free after I read online he handles foreclosure work. I originally had a loan with Seterus and then it was transferred to Rushmore. They would never give me a fair shot with my modification attempts. Mr. Patel represented me in court and helped me get on my feet again. Within a few months I had a loan modification offer which I accepted. High ratings all around.”

5 Stars – Ray Nunez on Google: “I had two cases. My big one was for my home. They fought for me in court and got me a loan modification.”

5 Stars – Ronald Crew on Google: “Had to write this review. I am beyond satisfied with my legal services.”

These guys were so good! They knew what they were talking about and always kept me in the loop with my situation. I had issues with foreclosure. Thanks so much!
5 Stars – Tony S. on “I thought I was going to lose my home until I talked to Veer.”

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