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Imagine Having a 720 Credit Score after Filing for Bankruptcy within 2 Years

We have a 4 step process to build your credit score after Bankruptcy:

  1. First, we get a copy of your credit report from all Credit Reporting Agencies to make sure everyone is included in your bankruptcy filing.
  2. Second, we notify all of your creditors, agencies, courts, and attorneys when we file for bankruptcy.
  3. Third, We sign you up for a course called 7 Steps to a 720 credit score for free.  (This course normally sells for $1000.) It is an online course that teaches you how to use the credit reporting system to work for you.
  4. Six months after you receive a discharge, we review your credit reports again.  If there is anything on the report that should be removed we send a certified letter requesting the item to be removed. If the item is not removed we sue on your behalf. You would get money for the Creditor violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act and my firm would get attorney fees. A win-win.

With a 720 credit score, you can save thousands of dollars a year in interest on car loans, home loans, and you qualify for credit cards with much better rates.

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Bankruptcy Qualify
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Different amounts of debt are handled differently by Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcies.
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If you regularly send money to a family member or pay support for alimony or child support it may be easier for you to qualify for bankruptcy.
If you are married and your spouse lives with you, your spouses income is included in the bankruptcy to determine if you qualify for a chapter 7 or if you have to make a payment plan under a chapter 13 bankruptcy, however your spouse DOES NOT have to file with you.
Bankruptcy is not a one size fits all program and it takes more than an automated web page to give out legal advice.

Want to know more about your Credit Score?

Below are images of real credit score reports for clients of this law firm that have filed for bankruptcy.  Whenever we file for bankruptcy we check with all three credit reporting agencies to get everything that is on our client’s credit reports to make sure we include everything in the bankruptcy.  Download a Sample Premium Report

The sample report is for a fictitious married couple.  It contains information about all of their lines of credit:

  • Account and Balance Details – See the status of an account, the amount due and details about when and how often it is used.
  • Payment Details – Review the monthly payment, past due amounts and payment history for the last 12 months.
  • Bankruptcy Specific Addresses – Access bankruptcy-department addresses to ensure the delivery of notices.
  • Owner Source & Attribution – Quickly identify the owner of the account and the reporting bureau.

We can get a copy of this for you even if you do not want to file for bankruptcy. As we get the credit line data from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax you get a complete idea of what is on your credit report. We do not rely on just one source like some law firms.

Credit Bureau Data

Lexis Nexis Risk SolutionsWe also get background information from LexisNexis Risk Solutions. They are the industry leader in public records so we can get information about your bankruptcies, judgments and liens if they exist.

CreditXpert Credit Scores

What is your Credit score and What will it Be in a Year after bankruptcy?

CreditXpert provides current and predictive post-bankruptcy credit scores based on their advanced statistical techniques and sophisticated analytical methods. This lets you see into your future after bankruptcy to see if your credit score will go up, stay the same or go down if you do nothing.

Not everyone sees a boost in his or her credit score, but below are some actual scores of clients of this law firm who agreed to let us share their stories.  All personal information is blocked out, but we can give you a little background on why the score did what it did.

In this case, the person who filed to save a home from a foreclosure auction.  The home loan was not even in her name and she did not have any late payments or other active records other than Student Loans.  CreditXpert was predicting her score doesn’t change.
A married couple filled because they were over $75,000 in debt on credit cards and medical bills.  Both had different credit backgrounds so both of their scores were impacted differently.  One score was predicted to go up 109 points while the other score was predicted to go up 66 points.  The person with the lower score was predicted to have a score higher in a year.
This person had a home in foreclosure and was $40,000+ behind on credit cards.  Saved the home with a loan modification, but first filed a chapter 7 to get rid of the unsecured debt then filed a chapter 13 at which point the bank agreed to modify the mortgage. (Chapter 7 and a chapter 13 is jokingly called a chapter 20 as they happen so often.)
This person chose to file to get rid of medical debt, credit card debt, and get a car back that was just repossessed. After getting rid of the other bills they were able to keep the car and afford the payments.
This person chose to file because they were having their wages garnished. The garnishment and all of their other credit card disappeared after the bankruptcy discharge was granted.
A 41 point gain to drop $80,000+ in debt and turn in a car they no longer wanted to keep.  The interest rate was 22.9%.  This person’s plan was to go get a new car after they saved up enough cash to pay for it without taking out a loan.
This person only was predicted to see a 34 point gain, and the score was still predicted to be low.  However, they did not have much of a credit history to start and it was mostly bad all the way through.  After the discharge, they now have 3 credit cards in good standing and are following the 7 steps to a 720 credit score program.
This person was predicted to see a 28 point drop in his credit score.  He filed to save his condo from being foreclosed on by his Condo Association. He was also behind on several other items.  His chapter 13 allowed him to get a plan together to save his home.
And in this case, only a 19 point score predicted. But, $33,000+ in credit card and legal bills erased after a divorce. No more legal fees either from the attorney that was trying to bill $25,000 for a divorce. (Ever see the $399 divorce signs by the side of the road? Do not believe them if you want to hire an attorney to fight for no real assets.)

Do you want a copy of your credit report with a Prediction of what your Score would be one year after bankruptcy?

For $247 we will run your report and arrange for an attorney to go over it with you. We accept payment through  Pay Pal to ensure secure payments.  We need your current address, Social Security Number and Date of Birth to access your credit report.  If you choose to file bankruptcy with us, we will credit the $247 towards the filing fee.

Is it really possible to repair your credit in 2 years?

Yes, you can.  Why have over 50,000 people used 7 steps to a 720 credit score?  Because it is easy.  If you go to their website they will give you two lessons for free. Everyone one who files for bankruptcy with us gets this course for free.  We buy in bulk, so we get a steep discount on the course.

If you just want to work on repairing your credit, we will sell you the course for 1/3 of what you can buy it on-line. If you decide to file bankruptcy with us, we will credit this amount to your filing. If you want to get both the course and your credit score report without filing for bankruptcy we charge $487.

7 Steps to 720 Credit Score

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