What is really for sale at the Hudson County Sheriff Auction?

Last week I had someone ask what is for sale at the Hudson County Sheriff auction. They saw the list at the Hudson County Sheriff website, but could understand the breakdown of what was actually for sale. The data on the site did not appear to match the auction from July 21st, 2016. (See our

Pre-Foreclosure Actions on Homes in New Jersey is down from 2015, but is still a Problem Faced by Many New Jersey Homeowners

Over 3,000 Homes a Month Enter Pre-Foreclosure in New Jersey
For the first three months of 2016 over 9,200 lis pendens have been filed statewide in New Jersey. A lis pendens is a pre-foreclosure action filed in court. Big banks and other people who want to foreclose on a property file a lis pendens to

I defaulted on my New Jersey Foreclosure Case. Now what?

New Jersey Notice of Appearance and being Defaulted in New Jersey Foreclosure Case
You have been notified that you are in default on your New Jersey Foreclosure case.
So, you may be wondering how this happened, and what in means to you. If the defendant borrower does not file an answer with the $175 filing fee