Stop a sheriff sale

How long does a foreclosure take in the State of New Jersey?

New Jersey Foreclosure Processing Time How long does a New Jersey foreclosure take? Well, that answer depends on when you asked the question. If you had asked 5-6 years ago, it could have been years. Now the economy in relation to mortgage foreclosures is doing…

Sheriff Sale in NJ stopped by sheriff sale

Will Bankruptcy Stop a New Jersey Sheriff Sale?

Yes, bankruptcy will stop a New Jersey Sheriff Sale in most instances. It doesn't matter if a chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed or a chapter 13 bankruptcy is filled. What matters is that the automatic stay applies to the bankruptcy that was filed and that…

Stopping Sheriff Sale Auctions

6 Things to Know when Buying a Home at a New Jersey Sheriff Auction

6 Things to Know when Buying a Home at a New Jersey Sheriff Auction . 1. Damage Deposits after Foreclosure Auction 2. Tenants Rights 3.Environmental Violation for an Underground Storage Tanks (UST) 4. House Listed for Sale Never Sells 5. Homeowner Buys the Property back or Declares Bankruptcy after the Auction 6. HOA or COA Fees

Links to New Jersey Sheriff Foreclosure Sale Websites

Links to New Jersey Sheriff Sale Foreclosure Websites All of the counties in New Jersey have Web sites that list upcoming Sheriff Sales. Prospective buyers need to understand that just because a property is listed for sale there is no guarantee that the sale will…