N.J.S.A 2A:32C-7 Distribution of proceeds.

2A:32C-7 Distribution of proceeds.

7. a. If the Attorney General proceeds with and prevails in an action brought by a person under this act, except as provided in subsection b., the court shall order the distribution to the person of at least 15% but not more than 25% of the proceeds recovered under any judgment obtained by the Attorney General under this act or of the proceeds of any settlement of the claim, depending upon the extent to which the person substantially contributed to the prosecution of the action.

b. If the Attorney General proceeds with an action which the court finds to be based primarily on disclosures of specific information, other than that provided by the person bringing the action, relating to allegations or transactions in a criminal, civil, or administrative hearing; a legislative, administrative, or inspector general report, hearing, audit, or investigation; or from the news media, the court may award such sums as it considers appropriate, taking into account the significance of the information and the role of the person bringing the action in advancing the case to litigation.

C.The Attorney General shall receive a fixed 10% of the proceeds in any action or settlement of the claim that it brings, which shall be deposited in the “False Claims Prosecution Fund” established in section 13 of this act and shall only be used to support its ongoing investigation and prosecution of false claims pursuant to the provisions of this act.

d. If the Attorney General does not proceed with an action under this section, the person bringing the action or settling the claim shall receive an amount which the court decides is reasonable for collecting the civil penalty and damages.The amount shall be not less than 25% and not more than 30% of the proceeds of the action or settlement of a claim under this act.

e. Following any distributions under subsection a., b., C.or d. of this section the State entity injured by the submission of a false claim shall be awarded an amount not to exceed its compensatory damageS.Any remaining proceeds, including civil penalties awarded under this act, shall be deposited in the General Fund.

f. Any payment under this section to the person bringing the action shall be paid only out of the proceeds recovered from the defendant.

g. Whether or not the Attorney General proceeds with the action, if the court finds that the action was brought by a person who knowingly planned and initiated the violation of this act upon which the action was brought, the court may, to the extent the court considers appropriate, reduce the share of the proceeds of the action which the person would otherwise receive under this section, taking into account the role of the person in advancing the case to litigation and any relevant circumstances pertaining to the violation. If the person bringing the action is convicted of criminal conduct arising from his role in the violation of this act the person shall be dismissed from the civil action and shall not receive any share of the proceeds of the action. Such dismissal shall not prejudice the right of the Attorney General to continue the action.

L.2007, c.265, s.7.


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