N.J.S.A 2A:42-115 Findings, declarations relative to multifamily housing.

2A:42-115 Findings, declarations relative to multifamily housing.

2. The Legislature finds and declares that:

a. Many citizens of New Jersey are adversely affected by blighted residential property, including both those who live in buildings that fail to meet adequate standards for health, safety and welfare or fail to meet reasonable housing code standards, and those who live in proximity to such buildings;

b. Substandard and deteriorating buildings are a public safety threat and nuisance, and their blighting effect diminishes health, public safety and property values in the neighborhoods in which they are located;

C. Left to deteriorate over time, these substandard and deteriorating buildings are likely to be abandoned, thereby endangering neighborhood residents and resulting in increased costs to the municipalities in which they are situate;

d. The abandonment of substandard buildings furthermore results in the displacement of lower income tenants, thereby increasing the demand for affordable housing, which is already in short supply, and exacerbating homelessness faced by the citizens of New Jersey;

e. The number of distressed multifamily buildings in the State which could be maintained as safe, affordable housing could be significantly increased if adequate public resources were made available to alleviate negative conditions in the rental housing stock throughout the State;

f. While it is important to provide incentives for landlords to better maintain and improve their properties, it is recognized that there are situations in which it is necessary for other parties to intervene in the operation and maintenance of multifamily buildings, a procedure known as receivership, in order to ensure that they are not abandoned, and that they are maintained as sound, affordable housing, consistent with codes and safety requirements;

g. When receivership becomes necessary, receivership activities and the implementation of receivership plans may be supported by grants and loans to be made available out of a newly-created Preservation Loan Revolving Fund, as provided hereunder; and

h. In order to ensure that the interests of all parties are adequately protected, it is essential that State law provide clear standards and direction to guide the parties with respect to all aspects of receivership.

L.2003,C. 295,S.2.


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