N.J.S.A 2A:42-119 Serving of complaint.

2A:42-119 Serving of complaint.

6. The plaintiff shall serve the complaint and any affidavits or certifications that accompanied the complaint upon the parties in interest, the current owner of the property, and all mortgage holders and lienholders of record determined by a title search and in accordance with the Rules of Court.

Unless tenants have been provided with written notice to the contrary or the plaintiff has knowledge to the contrary, the business address at which the owner or an agent of the owner may be served shall be that address provided by the owner to the commissioner in registering the property under section 12 of P.L.1967, C. 76 (55:13A-12. Certificate of registration; application; fee; appointment of agent; notice of violation).

The plaintiff shall mail notification to the public officer and the agency by registered mail or certified mail, return receipt requested, of its intent to initiate action under the provisions of Phamplet Law 2003, Chapter 295 (C. 2A:42-114 et al.) on or before the tenth day prior to service of the complaint on the owner and parties in interest. If no municipal officer has been designated by the municipality for the purposes of Phamplet Law 2003, Chapter 295 (C. 2A:42-114 et al.), the plaintiff shall mail the notice to the municipal clerk.

L.2003,C. 295,S.6.


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