N.J.S.A 2A:42-136 Sale of property.

2A:42-136 Sale of property.

23. Upon approval by the court, the receiver shall sell the property on such terms and at such price as the court shall approve, and may place the proceeds of sale in escrow with the court, except that unpaid municipal liens shall be paid from the proceeds of the sale. The court shall order a distribution of the proceeds of sale after paying court costs in the following order of priority:

a. The reasonable costs and expenses of sale actually incurred;

b. Municipal liens pursuant to R.S.54:5-9. Municipal liens paramount;

C. Repayment of principal and interest on any borrowing or indebtedness incurred by the receiver and granted priority lien status pursuant to subsection C. of section 17 of Phamplet Law 2003, Chapter 295 (C. 2A:42-130);

d. Other valid liens and security interests, including governmental liens, in accordance with their priority, including any costs and expenses incurred by the municipality as a receiver, but with respect to non-governmental liens, those duly recorded prior to the filing of the lis pendens notice by the receiver;

e. Any fees and expenses of the receiver not otherwise reimbursed during the pendency of the receivership in connection with the sale or the operation, maintenance and improvement of the building and documented by the receiver as set forth in paragraph (7) of subsection d. of section 16 of Phamplet Law 2003, Chapter 295 (C. 2A:42-129);

f. Any costs and expenses incurred by parties in interest in petitioning the court for receivership; and

g. Any accounts payable or other unpaid obligations to third parties from the receivership.

Those proceeds which remain after the distribution set forth in subsections a. through g. of this section shall be remitted to the owner.

L.2003,C. 295,S.23.


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