Ansul Jatan Bhuta

The quote “I was born to be a Lawyer” can very well apply to me. Being an only son to a Lawyer and Architect, I was raised by professional parents. Most fortunately and gladly legal disputes were the only disputes I heard during my childhood.

As soon as I completed my High School, I went on to pursue my degree, a Bachelors in Legal Science. Law was a field which always fascinated me. Helping people by listening to them and solving their problems was one thing I was always good at. Law for me was always an esteemed profession as we as advocates are a source through which people can have access to justice.

While pursuing my degree, I worked as a Paralegal in the High Court of Bombay. Later I worked for various banks by guiding them with the Due Diligence Process. As soon as I completed my Degree and started with my Post-Graduation is Law, I worked as a Paralegal in a Firm which I continued till the completion of my Degree in Law.

Working in the field of law since completion of my High School, I was involved in various fields of law which are my major fields of expertise which includes Banking & Due Diligence, Corporate Affairs, Family Disputes, Consumer Protection, & Intellectual Property Rights.

Education: –
Bachelors In Legal Science: – RLC, Mumbai
Legum Baccalaureus (Bachelors In Law) – RLC, Mumbai

Areas Of Practice:
1. Property Law/Real Estate:
Documentations/Drafting of Agreements, Deeds, Etc.
Due Diligence.
Property Search.
Property Disputes.
Permissions from the Government.
Registration of Property & Transfer.
Litigation in-respect of all the Property Disputes.

2. Corporate/Company/Business/Partnership Law:
Documentations/Drafting of Contracts/Agreements, Etc.
Merger & Demerger.
Winding-Up, Insolvency & Acquisitions.
Due Diligence.
Recovery of Debt.
Litigation in respect of all the Company Disputes.

3. Family Law & Succession/Wills & Estates:
Documentation and Drafting of Family Settlement Deeds, Partition Deed, Wills, Etc.
Restitution of Conjugal Rights.
Domestic Violence.
Succession Certificate/Probate/Letters of Administration.
Litigation in respect of all the Family & Succession Disputes.

4. Consumer & Insurance Law:
Documentation & Drafting of Notices, Complaints, Etc.
Medical Negligence.
Insurance Claims.
Litigation is respect of all the Consumer Disputes.

5. Banking:
Documentation & Drafting of Agreements, Mortgage Deeds, Loan Documents, Etc.
Recover of Loan.
Fraudulent Transactions.
Litigation in respect of all the Bank related disputes.

6. Cyber Law:
Complaints in case of a Cyber Crime such as Phishing, Hacking, Web-Stalking, Etc.

7. Arbitration, Conciliation & Mediation
Drafting Agreements and Contracts.
Representing before Arbitrations, Domestic as well as International.
Acting as an Arbitrator.
Litigation in respect of all the Arbitrable Issues.

8. Information Technology:
Debit Card/Net Banking Frauds, Etc.
Recovery of the Money.

9. Criminal Law:
Anticipatory Bails & Bails.
Fraud & Cheating.
Cheque Bouncing Disputes.

10.Intellectual Property Rights.
Trade Mark Registration/Objection/Litigation.
Patent, Designs & Copyrights Registration/Litigation.

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