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We can help you and your family defend you against your bank in foreclosure. We want you to keep your home. If you have a high interest rate we can work to reduce your loan payments though refinancing or a loan modification. If you are looking to buy time to reorganize, we can discuss bankruptcy, but only if there is no easier way out. We have helped many homeowners like you secure loan modifications from dozens of banks and loan servicers.

Options to Foreclosure in NJ

Not every foreclosure is the same and neither are the solutions. What may work for one family may not be available to another. How your foreclosure is resolved depends on the specifics of your situation. If you have equity in your home, you will find that there are more options to resolving your foreclosure situation.  Just the other day, we helped a family refinance their home, pay off their bills including garnishment and get an interest rate that was roughly half of what they currently had.

What types of Personal Bankruptcies are there?

What types of Personal Bankruptcies are there? There are 3 types of voluntary personal bankruptcy that can be filed.  Chapter 7, 11, or 13.  There is also a chapter 12 bankruptcy for Family Farmers and Family Fisherman. And there is a type of chapter 11…

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How does an NJ home foreclosure/ NJ Bankruptcy impact your credit score?

New Jersey Foreclosure Impacts Your Credit Score Many people ask how foreclosure affects his or her credit score.  They also ask how bankruptcy affects there credit score.  Both situations have different impacts on more than your Credit Score. Going over your options and affects may…

What does it cost to hire an attorney to file bankruptcy?

Does bankruptcy destroy credit score and what does it cost to hire an attorney to file for bankruptcy?

Who much does it cost to file bankruptcy? And, does bankruptcy destroy my credit score? Hello, my name is Derek Soltis.  I am an attorney here at the law offices of Patel, Soltis & Cardenas. Every day I get two questions. 1. Will bankruptcy destroy…

Sheriff Sale in NJ stopped by sheriff sale

Will Bankruptcy Stop a New Jersey Sheriff Sale?

Yes, bankruptcy will stop a New Jersey Sheriff Sale in most instances. It doesn't matter if a chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed or a chapter 13 bankruptcy is filled. What matters is that the automatic stay applies to the bankruptcy that was filed and that…

NJ bankruptcy lawyer for drivers license

Can I get my drivers license back if I file for bankruptcy?

You can get your driver's license back if you declare either a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy Filing for bankruptcy will allow you to have your driver’s license unsuspended in many instances. If you have failed to pay parking tickets, a chapter 7 bankruptcy…

Avoid fraud in foreclosure defense

Did Bank of America Commit Fraud with Nearly 2 Billion Court Records?

According to a story by CNBC Bank of America is in court fighting over a purge of nearly 2 billion bank records If  you have any information related to fraud on your Bank of America home mortgage email story tips to: INVESTIGATIONS@CNBC.COM To read the complete story…

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How Much Does it Cost to File for Bankruptcy in New Jersey with a NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer

Just how Much Will it Cost to File for Bankruptcy in NJ with a NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer? Everybody planning to file for bankruptcy needs to understand how much it'll cost. Bankruptcy comes at a time when money and credit may be in low supply for…