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What Types of NY Recreational Cannabis Licenses Will be Available

On March 31, 2021, adult-use cannabis became legal in the State of New York through the MRTA (Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act). MRTA provided for the appointment of a Cannabis Control Board (CCB) which will run the OCM (Office of Cannabis Management) which in turn will implement regulations and issue licenses. There is still no application process or rules BUT the following types of licenses will be available.

Immigration attorney for asylum united states

Do I Qualify for Asylum in the US?

United State Immigration Basics: Asylum There are two types of Asylum in the United States: Affirmative and Defensive. Before we discuss these, it is important to understand that each is overseen by one of the many separate government agencies involved in immigration practices in the…

Music Modernization Act

An entertainment attorney discusses the Music Modernization Act

Entertainment Attorney Jason Bost Discusses the Modernization Act and the impact on writers and artists... In my last article (“An Entertainment Lawyer Answers Questions About Streaming and Getting Paid”), I broke down how and how much artists are paid through music streaming. Music streaming is…

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An Entertainment Lawyer Breaks Down Music Publishing and Royalty Basics

An Entertainment Lawyer Breaks Down Music Publishing and Royalty Basics The music industry has changed a lot since I first entered the game almost 20 years ago. Previously, the majority of a record label’s money came from the sale of physical music in the form…

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How Music Streaming works with the Recording Industry Association of America

An Entertainment Lawyer Answers Questions about Streaming and Getting Paid As an entertainment lawyer, every day I help clients find the answers to questions that may impact their creative, or more importantly to some, their financial opportunities. I recently received an inquiry from a client…

Foreclosure process in New York

New York Foreclosure Steps Taken by the Bank

New York Foreclosure Process - Steps by Lender or Servicer of the Loan When a homeowner in New York misses one or more mortgage payments, the bank or financial institution that holds their mortgage has the right to start foreclosure proceedings. In New York, the…

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New York State Child Support: Objections to a Support Order

What happens at a New York Child Support Hearing? In New York State, Child support orders are determined by hearing examiners, also referred to as support magistrates. The hearing examiners issue an order of support based on the facts presented during the child support hearing.…

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New York Child Support Basics – Part 2

If I receive a notice to appear in New York Family Court for Child Support, what should I bring to court?  Prior to any court appearance, you should always attempt to contact a NY Child Support Lawyer for advisement on what should and should not be…

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Paternity And Other Father’s Rights Issues In New York State

What is Paternity in New York? In short, paternity is being child’s legal father. Establishing paternity is proof that someone is the legal father of a child. Every child has a biological father, but, unless the child’s parents are married, they don’t have a legal…