My house is being foreclosed what should I do?

Whether you are in a Tax Lien foreclosure or a Foreclosure on your mortgage you have different timelines in the foreclosure process. What options you have to save your home is entirely dependant on your uniques situation.  Talk to an attorney today. Even if you do not think you can afford an attorney, you need to understand the timeline for foreclosure. Do not face the possibility of losing your home to Foreclosure by yourself.

We save homes. Let us help you save yours.

FREE NO OBLIGATION STRATEGY SESSION WITH AN ATTORNEY –TALK TO US FOR FREE. Go over all your options. Work out a strategy to save your home, or stay in your home as long as legally possible. My office is well versed in Foreclosure law, Bankruptcy law, Credit Repair, and Land Lord Tenant Law in New Jersey. Ask me how to save your home. Or, how to stop a Sheriff Sale. Or, evict a non-paying tenant. Or, how to make money with your property while in foreclosure. Or, anything else you want to know.  I focus on saving homes.

DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS IN COURT – Don’t be pushed around by your lender. Every step you take today means more time in your house to work out a solution. If you do not answer the complaint, you can lose your home in 180 days. Do not believe people that say it takes years to foreclosure in New Jersey. If you answer the complaint the wrong way, you may give up defenses that you should raise to save your home.

  • MODIFY YOUR HOME LOAN – If you qualify, you can reduce your payments, decrease your interest rate, and in the rare case reduce what you owe on the principal of your mortgage.
  • DECLARE BANKRUPTCY, but ONLY if that is your best option. Bankruptcy can be used to force a bank to review your loan for modification even if you have been denied a loan modification in the past.
  • SELL YOUR HOME TO PUT MONEY IN YOUR POCKET OR EXPLORE A DEED IN LIEU OF FORECLOSURE: Even if you are underwater and no longer want your property, there are ways to avoid a foreclosure on your record.
  • Work with a company that will try to buy your mortgage from your bank: This may sound like a long shot, but we work with investors that want to work with you to buy your mortgage and give you a no interest loan while they help you rebuild your credit.

Call me NOW at (844) 5-DEFENSE – 844-533-3367 to go over ALL YOUR OPTIONS, or email me at [email protected].  I will work with you to save your home.