Is there a bankruptcy attorney near me?

We have legal offices in Jersey City, Hackensack, New York City, Brooklyn and Freehold, NJ for our attorneys to meet clients in person. However, this is 2018. If you are looking for debt relief, many of the aspects of filing a bankruptcy case can be handled over the phone, via the firm’s website, email and/or fax. Sometimes we will not meet clients until the first meeting of Creditors with the Bankruptcy Trustee. (If you are worried about going to court, most bankruptcy chapter 7 cases and chapter 13 cases only involve one meeting with a bankruptcy trustee that lasts 5 minutes. There is plenty of other things our lawyers do to ensure you only have that one meeting. A chapter 13 plan will last for 3 to 5 years, but you should only have to meet the trustee one time unless something out of the ordinary happens.)

When you are seeking debt relief by filing for bankruptcy having an experienced attorney with a practice near you is convenient so you can visit the attorney’s firm to meet the attorney in person. A law firm location near you makes it easy to contact an attorney for advice by visiting the attorney in his personal office. We value your privacy. So, the initial free consultation can be handled with a phone call or you can contact an attorney by email with all of your questions.  Bankruptcy is not always the legal help our clients need to manage their debt.  We understand you are seeking debt relief from your creditors which could mean anything from stopping a foreclosure or eliminating personal credit card debt. We have lawyers with years of experience practicing bankruptcy law to provide you with the best services related to your case. We what to protect your rights, and we have multiple attorneys that practice law in New Jersey and New York providing a variety of services. We want to ensure all of your rights are protected and that all areas of your needs are covered. All rights reserved.