We will go over the Defenses and Options that you have.

2. We will go over the Defenses and Options that you have.

Everyone’s situation is unique, and not all solutions work for everyone.  A chapter 7 bankruptcy may be right for one family, but for you, it could trigger the Chapter 7 Trustee wanting to sell your home. Without going over the details surrounding your situation we cannot offer the options that may best suit you.  If you have done a loan modification in the past, we will review your past loan modification and see why it was denied, and we can then make suggestions on how to get it approved.  We will also tell you if your income is unlikely to get you approved or design a plan to increase your income.  If you are looking at defending your home in court, we will go through all of the court filings to see if you have any defenses you have missed.  We have cases involving improper service, probate matters that were handled inco

We will go over all of the legal issues you face.

1. We will go over all of the legal issues you face.

The first step we take is to listen to what the facts are surrounding your situation. We want to know everything that has happened, and what you want to happen next. We want you to tell us in your own words what happened, and what your final goal is for your situation.  Many times we have clients that are in debt, facing issues that they wish they could avoid but need to solve. What we recommend depends on what they have tried in the past and what they want to do in the future.  In a foreclosure situation, there are multiple solutions like foreclosure litigation in state or federal court, renting out the property, selling the property in a short-sale or regular sale, bankruptcy (Either a chapter 7, chapter 13 or even both if the situation demands it.) Without understanding your full story, we cannot get to the part where we talk about options.

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