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Probate, Wills, Trust and Estate Litigation

As a New Jersey Estate Attorney, we will help you whether you need to win Probate Litigation or prepare your Will so your family can avoid litigation in the future.

Will Attorney New Jersey can prepare your will and have it executed quicklyAt the Law Offices of Patel, Soltis, & Cardenas we can help with whatever your estate needs are. Our attorneys can represent you in disputes over wills and trusts, estate administration, or advanced probate litigation in Hudson County, Essex County, Union County, Bergen County, Mercer County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Passaic County, Somerset County, or Middlesex County.

General Information:

We can help you prepare a will, along with a living will/advanced medical directive, or create a trust to protect your assets.  Our New Jersey Probate attorneys will assist you as the executor of the estate you manage. We will work with the beneficiaries on your behalf, and manage the estate’s creditors if you need help.

We are a Full-Service Probate Litigation and Estate Disputes Law Firm Based in Jersey City, NJ across the Street from the Hudson County Surrogate

We handle:

  • Intestacy issues (When someone dies without a will)
  • Will contests (Is the will that was submitted a fraud, or obtained through Undue Influence?
  • Testamentary challenges (Reasons to challenge a will such as lack of capacity to form a will, another will was executed and so on.)
  • Trust actions
  • Trust Contests
  • Trust reformation
  • Fiduciary Malfeasance/misconduct (Is the trustee or executor stealing from the estate
  • Fiduciary removal (Name someone one else as the executor and/or trustee.)
  • Conservatorships and guardianships
  • Probate and Tax Appeals
  • Inheritance disputes (When everyone does not get along sometimes having an attorney act like a referee is needed.
  • Contested transfers
  • Creditor claims
  • Valuation and distribution of assets
  • Estate administration
  • Accounting actions (We have a CPA that teaches other CPAs how to handle estates.)

The types of cases our NJ probate litigation attorneys handle include Fraud and Forgery, Undue Influence and Lack of testamentary capacity. It is not uncommon for someone that thought was a trusted friend to try to take advantage of you when they see money on the line.

Our Estate Litigation Lawyers in Jersey City provide the highest quality and responsive service to each client. Your estate dispute can be resolved through litigation or negotiation and in either case, we will fight for you. We understand that losing a loved one can be a highly emotionally charged time and that this adds additional stress to everyone.  We work to ensure that our clients are treated with respect. We are attentive to your needs as our clients, and we never lose sight of you as a person and the situation you find yourself. If you need help with selling the real estate of the estate we can make sure you receive the most money for the estate and protect the estate by using one of our NJ Real Estate Closing Attornies. 

Probate attorneys in New Jersey and New York across from the Court Houses in Hudson County, NJ; Bergen County, NJ; and Kings County, NY.

We offer FREE initial strategy meetings to go over what you need to do and what we can help with. We have flexible hours to meet you after you get out of work, or prior to the start of your day, or even on the weekends if that is the only time you can meet. Depending on the situation, we may handle your probate dispute on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you pay no legal fees unless we win your dispute.

Contact our office to speak with a probate attorney in New Jersey and how we can help you at (844) 533-3367  or email us at [email protected].