Ansul Jatan Bhuta In India

Ansul Jatan Bhuta

Indian Advocate

The quote “I was born to be a Lawyer” can very well apply to me. Being an only son to a Lawyer and Architect, I was raised by professional parents. Most fortunately and gladly legal disputes were the only disputes I heard during my childhood.

As soon as I completed my High School, I went on to pursue my degree, a Bachelors in Legal Science. Law was a field which always fascinated me. Helping people by listening to them and solving their problems was one thing I was always good at. Law for me was always an esteemed profession as we as advocates are a source through which people can have access to justice.

While pursuing my degree, I worked as a Paralegal in the High Court of Bombay. Later I worked for various banks by guiding them with the Due Diligence Process. As soon as I completed my Degree and started with my Post-Graduation is Law, I worked as a Paralegal in a Firm which I continued till the completion of my Degree in Law.

Working in the field of law since completion of my High School, I was involved in various fields of law which are my major fields of expertise which includes Banking & Due Diligence, Corporate Affairs, Family Disputes, Consumer Protection, & Intellectual Property Rights.


Education: –

  1. Bachelors In Legal Science: – RLC, Mumbai
  2. Legum Baccalaureus (Bachelors In Law) – RLC, Mumbai

Areas Of Practice:

1. Property Law/Real Estate:

    1. Documentations/Drafting of Agreements, Deeds, Etc.
    2. Due Diligence.
    3. Property Search.
    4. Redevelopment/Construction.
    5. Property Disputes.
    6. Permissions from the Government.
    7. Registration of Property & Transfer.
    8. Litigation in-respect of all the Property Disputes.

2. Corporate/Company/Business/Partnership Law:

    1. Documentations/Drafting of Contracts/Agreements, Etc.
    2. Merger & Demerger.
    3. Winding-Up, Insolvency & Acquisitions.
    4. Due Diligence.
    5. Recovery of Debt.
    6. Litigation in respect of all the Company Disputes.

3. Family Law & Succession/Wills & Estates:

  1. Documentation and Drafting of Family Settlement Deeds, Partition Deed, Wills, Etc.
  2. Restitution of Conjugal Rights.
  3. Domestic Violence.
  4. Succession Certificate/Probate/Letters of Administration.
  5. Litigation in respect of all the Family & Succession Disputes.

4. Consumer & Insurance Law:

  1. Documentation & Drafting of Notices, Complaints, Etc.
  2. Medical Negligence.
  3. Insurance Claims.
  4. Litigation is respect of all the Consumer Disputes.

5. Banking:

  1. Documentation & Drafting of Agreements, Mortgage Deeds, Loan Documents, Etc.
  2. Recover of Loan.
  3. Fraudulent Transactions.
  4. Litigation in respect of all the Bank related disputes.

6. Cyber Law:

  1. Complaints in case of a Cyber Crime such as Phishing, Hacking, Web-Stalking, Etc.

7. Arbitration, Conciliation & Mediation

  1. Drafting Agreements and Contracts.
  2. Representing before Arbitrations, Domestic as well as International.
  3. Acting as an Arbitrator.
  4. Litigation in respect of all the Arbitrable Issues.

8. Information Technology:

  1. Debit Card/Net Banking Frauds, Etc.
  2. Recovery of the Money.

9. Criminal Law:

  1. Anticipatory Bails & Bails.
  2. Fraud & Cheating.
  3. Cheque Bouncing Disputes.

10.Intellectual Property Rights.

  1. Trade Mark Registration/Objection/Litigation.
  2. Patent, Designs & Copyrights Registration/Litigation.
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