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Why I became a Foreclosure Defense Attorney focusing on Saving People’s Homes:

Since founding the law firm in Jersey City, I’ve been working as a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer helping families fix or alleviate their burdens in tight spots mostly related to NJ Home Foreclosure. Every day, I become a better Foreclosure Defense Lawyer, offering more options and better advice to my clients in NJ Tax Lien Foreclosures and NJ Mortgage Foreclosures, and I couldn’t be happier with my area of work. I’ve had the great luck and honor of having excellent partners who compliment me in their own passions and areas of practice and this means better results and more resources for our clients. The most rewarding moments are seeing the impact I have on entire families, and how the result of my work leads to a completely different life for many.

My passion for law started in college at Rutgers and it started from the beginning. You see, I didn’t have law school in my cards. My initial intention was to attend a community college and then transfer to a four-year university. Possibly, become a teacher. I had no idea what a University looked like, or what higher education truly meant. It was thanks to support from a special cousin who pushed me to take a hard look at Rutgers. I obtained admission through the Education Opportunity Fund – EOF program (a program designed to give those among us from tough backgrounds a shot at higher education). The moment I walked onto campus, it was like a lightbulb went off.

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  • BA, Political Science, Rutgers, University College

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How I transformed into a great New Jersey Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

I helped found a fraternity, became the youngest student government president in Rutgers’ school history, sat on committees with State Legislators. I even wrote speeches for Cory Booker (that’s a different story!), gave the valedictory address for my graduating class (see it here:, and my greatest accomplishment… I found my future wife in a social phycology class. (We now have our first child on the way.)

During my time at Rutgers, I went through a transformation, and started thinking big! I wanted to learn about civil rights leaders, not only here in the United States but abroad – this is what lead to my passion for law, specifically as a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer saving peoples’ homes.  I applied for law school and started in 2009. In school, I started identifying social injustices that I noticed here and there, and through time. Keep in mind I was going through law school right after the great recession took hold, watching trillions flow to big banks with little to no help for millions of hard-working Americans who lost their homes to foreclosure. The culmination of all these things lead to my interest in foreclosure law, working for families, not banks.

The moment I had the chance, I spoke with Derek and Lazaro and we established this firm together. The goal was simple, work for people in tight spots, and make a living doing it. Since our founding, we haven’t looked back. I am excited that every year we continue to grow, and every year we help more than the last. With our new partner Jason Bost, our mission is now in Brooklyn New York. When my friends ask me what I do, I’m proud. I help people – there isn’t a better way to work.


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