Alex S.

Peter and Veer both have been very professional and promptly with their responses to our questions. They have not only made sure we get the answer to our questions but the correct knowledge was provided to make a better decision. Excellent.

Alic S.


William Z.

I was treated with respect and kept up to date on my case. It was a great decision for me to hire an attorney from this firm. Great and I would also recommend them.

Bernard B.

Y’all did a great job I really appreciate it if anybody need a lawyer I definitely sent it to firm.

Melissa F.

Everyone involved with my case was very attentive, very informative and extremely knowledgeable which helped to make me feel extremely confident in making my decisions. You will be in good hands with Patel, Soltis and Cardenas!

Aida S.

I was treated with respect by everyone at PATEL, SOLTIS AND CARDENAS. Always kept up to date on my case yes. Best decision ever! My experience being represented by PATEL, SOLTIS AND CARDENAS can only be described as ” Instant and powerful relief desperately needed”

Marisol R.

I made the best decision hiring Attorney Cardenas and the firm. They were the best people to handle my case. I would say that Attorney Cardenas and his firm will be an advocate for you and your case.

Brandon D.

I wish he could’ve provided more information about the whole process. I had to Google something and my lawyer didn’t know some answers. Great

Tiffany H.

Amazing. Professional.

Alfew S.

They are great, I would use them again if needed.

Casey F.

The price was very reasonable- Mr. Soltis always answered my emails and questions- he was very helpful and made the process so easy. Very good

Edward S.

Definitely!!! Excellent Service!!! As I said this law Firm is working not only for me … but with me… keeping me updated and advising me what to do going forward. Excellent Professional and Very Knowledgeable in my case. I’m very happy and willing to recommend my law firm to my family y friends. Thank you.

Angel G.

I was treated with the utmost respect and was very happy with the outcome and service.

Rohan V.

Derek Soltis was the attorney who represented me in my case, and he was simply amazing. He was always on-point with his information, answered all my questions, didn’t rush through anything, and he made me truly feel at ease in what is an anxiety-inducing endeavor in general. I was very happy with my decision to use this law firm. I would recommend this law firm, and specifically Derek Soltis to anyone that asked for legal representation in a matter that they cover. You will be treated with respect, empathy, and you will feel confident in the choices you make because you will have all the information needed to make a good choice.

Volney V.

He was did good and represented me well. I would recommend him.

Nicholas V.

I felt a made a great decision coming to you. Everything, including all my options, were laid out clearly in plain English, and all my questions were answered either right away or within a few hours, and I was always kept up to date on everything. I would say don’t fool around, come to you because you know what you are doing and besides being experts, have a knack of simplifying everything and explaining it in plain English and not fancy legal terms, and your questions are always promptly answered.

Mohamed E.

I was treated with respect, kept up to date on my case, and did feel comfortable that I made a good decision to hire this attorney. My attorney take care of every detail and always kept me up to date and well informed to take the right decisions. Overall, it was an excellent, very pleasant experience.

Richard F.


Kathleen M.

I was treated with upmost respect. I was extremely grateful for their services. Fantastic! Highly recommend!

Becky Jones Google
Becky Jones – Google Review

I just got off the phone with Derek Soltis and I am so impressed and grateful I found him. I had a couple of preliminary questions before I even came him and he answered them HONESTLY. Not all attorneys will be so honest if something is worth proceeding forward with….but Derek is so honest and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend this law office based off my conversation with Derek. He is kind, honest, articulate, and actually cares. Now I hope something happens to where I need to hire an attorney because I will hire Derek for sure. Thanks so much for your advice Derek! The law industry needs more lawyers like you 🙂  Review from Google

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