Nick T. – On Yelp

I am a procrastinator, to say the least. My home was going to sheriffs sale in one week and I still had no attorney after multiple failed modification packets. Every attorney I met told me my only option was filing for bankruptcy which I was hesitant to do. I came to Patel & Soltis and met with Veer and Lazaro who instantly put my mind at ease and told me not to file bankruptcy and that they were certain we would get the modification we wanted.

They went and fought for me and had the sheriff’s sale postponed multiple times and got me the modification and now my mortgage is lower than it was before the entire foreclosure process. If you are worried about losing your home which can be VERY scary, look no further, these are the guys who can help you!

I met with them June 30th to begin the process and today, 9 months later I signed the final modification documents. I could not have done this without their help! They provided me more than just legal work, they provided me peace of mind, a sense of security in being a homeowner, and comfort throughout the entire process! MANY THANKS to Lazaro Cardenas and Mr.Patel, they will never know what they have done for me!!u!