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We offer a complete line of Landlord Attorney services and Renter Attorney services in Harrison,.

Before we can give you any legal advice we’ll have to do a conflict check to ensure we wouldn’t undermine any one of our past clients by offering you legal advice. We do not solely work for landlords or tenants.
We resolve disputes between landlords and renters while additionally supplying residential and commercial closings on properties. We represent tenants and landlords positioned in Harrison, New Jersey. We comprehend all facets of property law in New Jersey. We continue to develop a solid reputation in the local community by providing professional real estate legal services including foreclosure defense which satisfies our clients’ expectations.
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We provide free consultations for bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, probate issues, and property purchases. But if you are looking to defend yourself from an eviction or prosecute an eviction we charge $200 for a consultation for you to speak with a Landlord Tenant Lawyer. We charge a set fee of $450 for consultation plus one appearance at court, if you’d like us to go to court to defend your family from eviction.

As an Attorney in Harrison, NJ for renters, we manage issues related to:

• Nonpayment of rent
• Pets
• Landlord Harassment and Retaliation
• Lease violations
• Residential leases
• Defense of eviction of tenants
• Defending claims of illegal usage of property
• Defending claims of unauthorized tenants
• Dealing with breaches of a lease by a tenant
• Defending claims of Property Damage
• Enforcing landlords to make repairs
• Security deposit issues
• Deficiency of utility or heat issues
• Discrimination based on age, race, ethnicity, sex, and sexual orientation.

As a Lawyer in Harrison, NJ for Landlords we:

• Evict for any issue that’s a violation of a lease or nonpayment of rent
• Deal with enforcement of unauthorized Pets or damage caused by pets
• Supply Residential leases
• Remove prohibited use of your property through discussion or eviction
• Eliminate unauthorized tenants through eviction or negotiation for example increasing rent
• Coping with breaches of a lease by a tenant
• Enforcing claims of Property Damage
• Defending claims of discrimination based on age, race, ethnicity, sex, and sexual orientation.

You are required to have someone evicted, and if you’re a landlord, we charge $650 per eviction case -$450 for multiple evictions. We offer $200 off for multiple evictions filed at the  same time in the same county (different cities in the same county qualify for the discount.). In case the person leaves prior to the court appearance, $200 will be refunded by us. Just as we know how to defend matters linked to renter issues we also really know how to ensure conformity to lease evict tenants and conditions.

We understand what it takes to be successful both prosecuting and defending evictions in New Jersey.

Talk to an New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Lawyer to handle any issue in Harrison, New Jersey that will review your situation. We charge $200 for a landlord-tenant consultation but will apply it to the full cost of defending or prosecuting an eviction if you hire us. Most Landlord-Tenant issues can be answered in a 60-minute consultation. If you need to hire us, we will apply the $200 to the fee. Email us at [email protected]. We are a customer first law firm that works for you. We will go over your situation to determine if we can help. Call us at 844-533-3367.
If you cannot afford an attorney and make less that 150% of the Federal Poverty Level try:
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