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Bankruptcy is a new begining not an end.
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Any attorney can file bankruptcy for you, but how many are going to work with you to repair your credit.  We offer all of our bankruptcy clients a credit repair program called 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score.  This course normally costs $1000 but we include it FREE for our clients because of our relationship with the founder of the company.

Work with an attorney to come up with a plan for getting rid of your debt and repairing your credit. We offer FREE consultations related to bankruptcy and credit repair.

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Bankruptcy does not define you as a person.

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We offer $500 down Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings. For a cahpter 7, bankruptcy you would need a co-signor on a payment plan becasue as soon as a chapter 7 is filed you no longer have to pay any debts that were owed, including your attorney.

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