Did you get bed bugs while staying in a hotel in New York City?

Jun 12, 2016 | Uncategorized

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Bed Bugs have been making a comeback in the United States as international travel has increased. Bed Bugs are more common than you would expect.  According to New York City is number one American city for bedbug infestation. Since New York City is a major travel hub, vacationers and business people alike are not always aware that Bed Bugs have also been traveling to New York City.

First, understand if you got Bed Bugs while staying at a hotel in New York City, it is not your fault. You paid for a clean room and the hotel did not provide that for you. Bed bugs are blood-sucking vermin, that can cause serious physical injuries, and even psychological problems. Not everyone reacts the same to the bites. Some people are highly allergic to Bed Bug bites. Even if you do not react to their bites, you have still suffered a personal injury and you may have other damages that the hotel will be responsible for.  If you hire a New York City bed bug attorney, you have a better chance of recovering your damages than going it alone

Bed bug attacks can result in lost wages, medical bills from the personal injury and psychological issues some people experience. On top of those injuries, people suffer damage to personal property such as having to throw away clothes or luggage. People also deserve to recover for extermination bills. A person that has been bitten by bed bugs due to the negligence of a New York City Hotel infested with Bed Bugs is entitled to seek compensation for his or her damages.

It is almost guaranteed that when you reported the issue of bed bugs to the front desk of your hotel, they treated you like it was your fault.  They know that it is their responsibility, but would rather make you feel like they never have problems and it is only your issue. They do not want you to file a claim.

As a New York City Bed Bug Attorney, when I file a claim and threaten a lawsuit based on bed bugs, I am almost always redirected to a large insurance company to deal with the issue.  Damages resulting from bed bug bite injuries are normally handled by large commercial insurance companies because they are such a common problem for hotels. If you do not have a New York City Bed Bug attorney, these insurance companies will try to minimize the seriousness of the bed bug attack and try to make you feel like you are overstating your injuries and damages caused by the Bed Bugs found in Your New York City Hotel.

Contact us today so that we can begin your claim today, and get you compensation four your injuries.

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