Do you feel you were taken advantage of by your Loan Servicer when you took out a Reverse mortgage in @city, @state

Sep 26, 2018 | New York Foreclosure Defense

Are you behind on your Reverse mortgage in Jersey City, NJ or anywhere else in the NJ?

You are not alone. You along with many other people are in the same predicament. According toBLOOMBERG BNA Bloomberg| 

One West is not the only bank that gives out Reverse Mortgages nor is it the only bank that forecloses as fast as possible on home owners. However, the One West story is indicative of the shape the US banking system is in.

OneWest Bank, the mortgage servicer previously owned by the current Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin somehow managed to avoi the numerous lawsuits and settlements that damaged other TARP fund recipients after the 2010 foreclosure crisis, a Bloomberg BNA analysis detailed.

This is not the only time OneWest Bank has been accused of impropriety. See this example of OneWest Bank when they were accused of shutting out Non-White borrowers as reported by the La Times.

People are {out creating|making|creating|distributing|posting} {videos|mini-exposes} about OneWest because this {problem|issue} is not {one of a kind|uncommon}.

If you have a reverse mortgage and are facing foreclosure, it would be in your best interest to contact with an NJ Foreclosure Defense Lawyer to speak about the issues that you face.

Speak with a OneWest Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Attorney to help you in Jersey City, Newe Jersey.
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