Do you have the required Character and Fitness to Practice Law in New York and New Jersey

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Do you have the required Character and Fitness to Practice Law in New York and New Jersey

Are you worried about what either  the New Jersey or New York Character and Fitness Committee would have to say about your fitness to practice law?  DWI, Criminal Past, Credit Issues, Substance abuse, or something else troubling you?  Whether you are considering law school, planning on taking the bar, or are facing a disciplinary hearing, talk to an attorney who can suggest things that can help, and definitely point out things that will hurt you.

Everyone knows that attorneys make for their own worst clients.  If you need help with an Interview in New York to discuss your past, or are facings a 303 hearing in New Jersey, talk with an attorney that can make suggestions to make your life easier.  If you have been recommended to reach out to the Lawyer’s Assistance  Program in either New Jersey or New York, do it.  If you need to talk to someone first, give us a call.  This is a now charge no obligation call.   Everyone needs help sometime, and as attorneys we can walk you through some steps that you may have questions about , or are afraid to ask elsewhere.

The Canadian Bar Association states that studies show 15 to 25 percent of lawyers are alcoholics or roughly 1 out of 5 attorneys.   The New York State Bar‘s May/June 2015 issue has an article from  the Lawyers Assistance Program  “Health and sobriety: A hard battle against a baffling disease.”  This article states that 30% of the people in the United States engage in risky drinking or become addicts.  So, even if someone is not a full blown alcoholic, they may engage in risky drinking.  This is where those one time binges can turn into DWIs.  If you have concerns, about your past, and feel that it was a one-time issue, talk to someone about it.

Every Bar Association in the country expects condor from their attorneys, and even full blown alcoholics in remission are allowed to practice the law.  If you are curious about your situation, give us a call and we can see talk. If you feel you need help and are in the legal profeesion contact a Lawyer’s Assistance Program in what ever stare you are.

New York Lawyer’s Assistance Program (NYLAP)

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