Equitable Relief in New Jersey Court -Discussion on Foreclosure Law in New Jersey

Aug 7, 2018 | New Jersey Foreclosure Defense

This is Veer Patel Patel from Patel, Soltis and Cardenas. I want to talk to you today briefly about getting more time in a New Jersey tax lien foreclosure. Now it’s very difficult to challenge tax lien foreclosures.

Meritorious Grounds need to Challenge a Tax Lien Foreclosure

You need to have meritorious grounds. And, so obviously if you feel like you have any, speak to an attorney about them. But, you have to keep in mind that courts of law in New Jersey specifically the Chancery Division are courts of equity. They are courts of fairness. A court isn’t out there looking to hurt anybody. They’re trying to be fair to both the plaintiff and the defendant. So, let’s say you’re facing the final judgment.

There’s been an application in the file for final judgment.  And, you only need 30 to 60 more days … maybe you have a closing setup, or you have a money coming in from a relative, or you’ve secured some type of a loan. In that case, you just want 30 to 60 more days. There are motions that can be filed basically seeking equitable relief for fairness … for justice. Even though by law. Even though by you’re not technically entitled to it. Judges will give you relief if you have a case that warrants it. If your facts warrant that. So you want to speak to an attorney to see if you’re eligible for something like that.

Thank you.

Veer Patel, Esq. NJ Tax Lien Foreclosure Defense lawyer is both a New Jersey & New York State Licensed attorney. He focuses on saving homes from Foreclosure. He has helped many people with defending foreclosure lawsuits in both New Jersey and New York. He has even been able to reverse tax lien foreclosures so that people did not lose the equity in their homes.

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