Filing for bankruptcy in NJ will stop NJ foreclosure

If you use an NJ Bankruptcy attorney to file your bankruptcy you will stop foreclosure on your house, co-op, condominium or mobile home. You can do this on your own if you choose, but bankruptcy is a complicated ordeal for anyone who tries it on his or her own. This action will allow you an opportunity to catch up on missed payments and other fees. However, bankruptcy will not automatically eliminate your mortgage and other liens on your property. You will most likely need to make payments to stay in your home.

Once you file for bankruptcy an automatic stay will be issued by the bankruptcy court so that in addition to stopping the foreclosure action on your home the automatic stay will stop wage garnishment, and debt collectors from contacting you.

As long as your bankruptcy is filed at the before the foreclosure sale you will not lose your home to a sheriff sale as the sale will not be considered legally valid. So even if the sale goes through you will have remedies to keep your home.

One of Bankruptcy’s Greatest Benefits is The Automatic Stay

As soon as you file bankruptcy, the automatic stay goes into effect to protect you. The automatic stay is a federal law. Bankruptcy was allowed for in the constitution and is your right.

The Automatic Stay will:

  1. Stops Sheriff Sales in all of NJ
  2. Stops Foreclosure in all of NJ
  3.  Stops Repossession in all of NJ
  4.  Stops Wage Garnishment in all of NJ
  5.  Stops Bank Account Garnishment in all of NJ
  6.  Stops Creditor Harassment in all of NJ
  7.  Stops credit collection lawsuits

NJ Bankruptcy stops NJ Foreclosure
Stop Creditor Harassment

Your creditor will no long be able to call you, send you letters, and stops them from suing you. Credit card companies and collection agencies will no longer bother you all ours of the days. You will no longer be getting their calls at work. Bankruptcy will stop them from bothering you. Attorneys are routinely suing creditors for violating the automatic stay and are winning.

Stop your NJ Foreclosure, Stop your NJ Sheriff Sale and Stop a NJ Repossession

You will not have to worry about losing your house or your car as you have a plan put together for you to catch up on payments in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. The automatic stay will stop your bank and creditors from taking your property. They can go make a motion for the Automatic stay to be lifted to sell your property, but this is no guaranteed to be granted.

You can stop hiding your car if you are worried about being repossessed if you file for a NJ Bankruptcy. The Sheriff will not be auctioning off your home as you are protected.

Stop Wage Garnishment and Bank Account Garnishment

Your creditors will no longer be allowed to take money out of your paycheck or your bank account. If your creditors have already obtained a court judgment by suing you, you will see all of this go away. Bankruptcy stops garnishments (except child support or alimony).

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