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Use a Foreclosure Defense Attorney to protect your rights.

If you want to avoid foreclosure or get a loan modification, you should consult with a Foreclosure Defense Attorney now to discuss all of the options to save your home. Every step you take today can save you more time in the future. Hiring an Attorney that knows foreclosre law is the first step in keeping your home.

What will a Foreclosure Lawyer do for you?

File A Notice of Appearance (NOA)

If you hire an NJ Foreclosure Defense Attorney or an NY Foreclosure Defense Attorney, they will file a notice of appearance (NOA) on your behalf with both the court and serve this notice on your bank’s attorney. This is how your attorney will make sure everyone involved with the case will know you are represented. It also allows the attorney to be able to track everything that is filed with the court. In both NJ and NY all foreclosure cases are now e-filed. So, after the NOA is entered your attorney will get a notice via email when anything is filed with the court as soon as it is filed.

Answer Summons and Complaint or Even Amend your Answer
After you received the initial Summons and Complaint, you are on a timeline to answer. Your foreclosure lawyer will do this for you. If you have already answered, your attorney may need to amend your answer to ensure you are using all of your defenses, or possibly translate your answer into legalese so the court excepts the filing instead of ignoring it.

This is how you officially start to fight the lawsuit.

Appear At Settlement Conferences
States like New York have mandatory settlement conferences where the homeowner actually lives in the building being foreclosed. If the bank’s representative does not show up ready to negotiate at the settlement conference, the court can dismiss the case forcing the bank to start the foreclosure process over. A court court-appointed referee will try to make both parties come to a resolution that does not end in foreclosure or the owner abandoning the property. Your foreclosure defense attorney will attend these meetings to enforce your rights and move for dismissing the case if the bank’s attorney does not negotiate in good faith.

Use Foreclosure Law and Strategies to Protect your Home
Even when you think you have a slam dunk defense, it does not always work, which is why we go in with multiple strategies honed from years of experience. We are not afraid to appeal a judge’s decision if you are in the right. We will use every law we can to protect your investment.

Sometimes all you want is to Modify your Mortgage.
We will work with you while defending your home to apply for a loan modification. You may have been denied in the past, but if you have had changed circumstances you can try for a loan modification again. Sometimes people are forced into a chapter 13 bankruptcy to work on a loan modification. We handle these scenarios all the time. We work with you to get the results you desire.

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