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Sep 26, 2018 | New Jersey Bankruptcy, New Jersey Foreclosure Defense

Do not face Foreclosure Litigation in New Jersey alone. Talk to a New Jersey Foreclosure Lawyer to Help You Today.

Talk to an NJ Foreclosure Attorney today for FREE.

Even if you believe you cannot afford an attorney for help for the litigation of your home foreclosure, talk to one TODAY for no money to go over your possible solutions. If you do nothing it now takes 114 days for foreclosure in New Jersey according to the New Jersey Court’s Press Release.

The Law Offices of Patel, Soltis, and Cardenas will help you fight for your rights. We are based in Hudson County across from the Hudson County Courthouses. We are located directly across from the William J. Brennan Courthouse which is where the Hudson County Surrogate is located.

You Have The Right to be Treated with esteem even when you are made to go to court for your foreclosure.

We can stop harassing phone calls and get the bank to work with us instead of bothering you. As trusted New Jersey Foreclosure defense attorneys, we will work tirelessly upon behalf of YOU, our client, to ensure you are treated fairly by your lender.

We have saved peoples homes after they thought they were out of choices. We understand the complicated New Jersey and Federal laws and what it takes to make these laws to work for you instead of the bank. If you believe that you have been swindled by your bank or loan servicer we are your one-stop source for Foreclosure Protection. Everyone’s foreclosure matter is different. We will investigate all of your options to figure out what works best for you. We will then go over all of your options to develop a strategy. Call us today for a free strategy session to review your options.

As a New Jersey Foreclosure defense Firm, we have multiple strategies in our arsenal to fight for you:
Loan Modification
Arranging a thrid part to buy your mortgage from your bank for a new loan to you
Foreclosure Defense in court
Counter-Suing your bank
Selling Your home (Either at market value or as a Short sale.)
Cash for keys (Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure)
Postponing or halting a scheduled Sheriff Sale
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

We will recommend options for you that work for you. Do not be taken down one path by someone that can only provide you one option to save your house.

We can get you more time to battle your bank to keep your house. The sooner you call or email us, the sooner we can start a working defense for you.

Call us at (844) 5 – DEFENSE – (973) 200-1111 or email us at to talk to a foreclosure Defense Lawyer today.

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