How does Sears Bankruptcy Affect everyone?

Oct 16, 2018 | Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Judge approves $300 million in Financing for Sears

Yesterday, a bankruptcy judge approved a whopping $300 million in financing for Sears after Sears filed for bankruptcy protection. The goal is to keep the Sears open during through the holidays to see if the 125-year-old retailer can once again be profitable. This is highly unlikely, but we will all have to wait and see.  Click here to see more about the rise and fall of Sears.

Here’s why Sears Bankruptcy matters to YOU:

Many people are trying to point out how the closing of Sears is just proof that brick and mortar businesses are downright dead. But if you look at if you look over at Amazon, you can see their growing presence in the brick and mortar world. Amazon is setting up shops left and right to see what will work. Amazon just acquired a brick and motor grocery chain – Whole Foods.

This holiday season you get to choose where you spend your money.  Are you going to support your local realtors that are fighting against the likes of Amazon, or will you look for the best deals?

Small businesses matter. Local businesses matter.  Businesses owned by your neighbors matter.  Supporting your local businesses supports your local community which in turn supports you, and your home’s value.  The stronger your neighboorhood the more benefits you receive.

Just my 2 cents for why Bankruptcy even of big businesses mater to everyone.

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