How to avoid spam and suggestions to lock down your private information

Oct 3, 2019 | Bankruptcy

I’m one of the attorneys here at the Law Office of Patel Soltis and Cardenas. If you’re watching this video you probably got a judgment against you, are in a lawsuit, or even in foreclosure.
And, now you’re getting a ton of spam in your email. Are people are sending you letters offering you all kinds of different ways to fix whatever problem they perceive has happened you may or may not have pending? Or do you have a pending lawsuit against you?

This is a quick overview of how to help cut down on that spam and extra junk mail. There are companies like people-finders or that gather all of your personal information possible through public records.
They then turn around and sell it to whoever they can. There are also companies like that once they have your name and address they can basically sell your email address if it was provided to them at one time or another.

So going forward there are ways you can opt-out of these lists. So that you’re not being bombarded with email from them.

Here are a couple of other suggestions to help you avoid spam in the future gets yourself a second email address there’s a there’s like temporary websites like an email it’s only valid for 10 minutes.

So when you need to fill in the form and you don’t ever want email again from these people. Or, you can go there to get a dummy email address. Open up another Google ad your email address.
Use that email just where all your spam and junk gets sent to however if you if your email is already out there in the purview of the world.
There are places you can go to like one of them is They have a list of a bunch of places if you go in there put your information in there you can tell them to stop selling your information.
This is just a quick friendly reminder like if you don’t want spam there are ways you can do to combat it. If you got an email message or letter from us, and you’re upset with us.

Just tell us we’ll never email you again. We want to do whatever it is to make your life easier. We normally help people fight foreclosures or get rid of debt. If we reached you by mistake, we are sorry for inconveniencing you. Have a good day. Thanks

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