How to hire an Attorney in India

Oct 4, 2019 | India Legal, New Jersey Foreclosure Defense

How to Hire an Indian Lawyer in the United States.

Hey guys, my name is Veer Patel. I’m an attorney in Jersey City.

I have a law office that has offices in Hackensack, Jersey City, Freehold, New Jersey and New York, including Manhattan and Brooklyn. Recently we expanded our law firm to India.

This video is about how you can engage attorneys in India. Now, why would someone want to hire a lawyer in India? I’ve been asked this question numerous times.

People have been telling me, “Veer. You’re crazy. Why expand to India? Why now? Just continue your expansion in New Jersey in New York. And then in the United States.”

Well Being a lawyer. I realized that a lot of people need work done in India. Whether it’s dealing with partition actions, purchasing real estate, or dealing with mergers and acquisitions.

The trickiest part is how do you hold your attorneys accountable? For instance, let’s say you don’t really speak a lick of Gujarati or Tamil or Hindi or Urdu. And, all of a sudden you need to deal with issues back home.

How do you do deal with issues in India when you are in the United States? How do you deal with issues back in India without proper legal representation?

That’s a really important question. Trying to figure out how to deal with problems in India is something that I want to resolve for people that have issues, but don’t know how to quite approach them.

It’s a problem that I want to solve for people that don’t know how to deal with their issues back home in India. So what do you do? Well, this is what I sell I set up an office where you can come into the Jersey City office and you can hire a lawyer/advocate in India.

The whole point is you can come into a United States Attorney’s Office to engage counsel in India. And these Indian Advocates can be dealt with by your attorneys in the United States.

For instance, Let’s say your grandfather passed away and he left a business that sells items and these items and this business is worth a lot of money. There’s a will and it distributes to multiple siblings. It is possible some of those siblings are dead or they’re sick. You want to know what happens to the assets what happens to the money when you are not physically present in India to manage these matters?

What you would do is bring in the paperwork United States office. We would get the India Advocates on the horn. We would shift documents back and forth So the Indian lawyers know what your case is about and then you would engage our services in the US to manage the results you are looking for in India.

The most important thing is that you know, what’s happening in India. And you know where the litigation stands. You know where the real estate transaction stands. Just by engaging our firm, you engage a network of attorneys and advocates to work on your behalf. It is hard to sell property in Indian without a team in India.

The whole point is you want to have convenience? You also want reliability and you want honesty. These are all things you want and expect from your attorney. Dealing with lawyers is sometimes intimidating.

Knowing what you want is the key to hiring a lawyer. You want to be able to make sure you can speak to them, communicate with them, and understand where they are in the process of your case. That’s what we do here Patel Soltis & Cardenas.

We’re trying to make it easier for all of you to deal with your attorney. And, for us to make sure that our clients are satisfied. We’re here to make sure that it’s easy to deal with your attorney. For them to keep you updated and for you to easily communicate with your attorney. That’s why this expansion to India was created: To service clients in this unique way.

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It is amazing how many people ask me how to find Indian Lawyers and Caucasian Lawyers that are working together.  This normally goes to the root cause that someone needs to find attorneys in the United States that work with Indian Advocates on a daily basis.  Once both sets of attorneys are used to working with each other it saves hundreds of hours a year in not having to recreate the wheel every time a new matter is started.

We want to be your go-to for meeting all of your legal needs in India.

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