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When entering into a business partnership, it is not uncommon to choose someone you can trust and rely on. This can be your friend, a spouse or a business associate whom you get along with. However, not every partnership is a perfect marriage. Sometimes, things happen and you realize it’s not working, and you may need to end your business relationship with your partner. If your partnership involves real estate, and you cannot work through your problems and need to dissolve the partnership, you need the assistance of a qualified business attorney to help in achieving a successful dissolution with the most protection for your interests!

Our Howell partition action lawyers are here to help you throughout the process. If you are unsure how to start or whom to contact for legal assistance, we provide a free consultation where you can speak with our team about your options. We will carefully review the specifics of your situation and advise you as to the best course of action. You can get all your questions answered and get an estimate for the costs of your case. If you decide you are ready to go forward, we will begin working on your case right away! Call us today.

Howell Partition Action Lawyers

When Is A Partition Action Necessary?

A partition action is needed when the co-owners of a piece of property are unable to amicably decide how to divide the property (or whether to sell the property for cash). There are several common scenarios when a partition action is warranted.

One common scenario arises when co-owners inherit a property and find themselves in disagreement. One owner may wish to sell and divide the proceeds, while another may prefer to retain the property or use it for alternative purposes. These conflicting interests often lead to disputes and impasses.

A second instance where a partition action might be necessary is when one of the co-owners wants to sell his or her interest in the property, but the other co-owner(s) either lack the funds or simply do not wish to purchase the interest. In this situation, a partition action might be initiated to force a sale of the property and divide the sales proceeds among the co-owners.

All in all, it might be necessary to consider a partition action when facing a stalemate in reaching a mutually agreeable solution for the distribution or sale of the property. It is crucial to consult with one of our experienced Howell partition action lawyers to understand how the partition process applies to your case. This will ensure that your rights and interests are properly safeguarded.

How Does The Partition Process Work?

Co-owned property is divided legally through the partition process. If you choose our team to represent you, the process will generally look something like this:

1. Our Howell partition action lawyers will review the title deed and any co-owner agreements or contracts before starting. We will also get an independent valuation of the property and determine the best way to divide it fairly among the owners. You could choose to sell the property and distribute the proceeds or divide it physically.

2. After gathering the necessary information, we will file a partition action lawsuit on your behalf. This lawsuit will seek an equitable property division order. The court will then appoint a referee or commissioner to oversee the division process and ensure compliance.

3. Throughout the process, our Howell partition action lawyers will keep you informed of the status of the partition and provide you with updates as we work toward a fair and equitable property division order.

4. We will continue to negotiate with co-owners and attorneys throughout the process, attend court hearings, and represent you at trial if necessary. Our ultimate goal is to negotiate or litigate a fair and satisfactory resolution to your partition dispute.

Let The Howell Partition Action Lawyers At The Law Offices Of Patel & Cardenas Resolve Your Partition Dispute

At The Law Offices of Patel and Cardenas, we provide professional legal services for all your partition needs. Our experienced team of attorneys is proficient in handling partition cases, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our clients. Whether you’re facing a property dispute, need assistance with partition agreements, or have questions about your rights as a co-owner, we are here to help. If you need assistance navigating the complex legal system, you can rely on our team’s extensive knowledge of partition laws and dedication to customer satisfaction. We place a strong emphasis on effective communication and providing individualized attention tailored to your particular circumstances. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us assist you in resolving your partition matters.

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