Script For answering the phone:

Thank you for calling the law offices of Patel Soltis and Cardenas. Are you calling with a legal problem we can help you with?

Attorney ________ devotes his time to working on current client issues and talking to potential clients who what his undivided attention and help. Do you need legal help or are you a current client?

Please give me a brief description of what you are going to tell her to tell the attorney before I see if he is available. I do not want to upset him by interrupting his important client work without good reason.

And, if you are a new client, I want to direct you to the attorney to can actually help you.
Who recommended you to our firm? Attorney XXXXX likes to personally thank anyone who sent him a referral.

Lead Source: Google, Oh Google. What were you searching for? Referral Name

If there is push back on the questions:
We need this information to run you through our conflict check software. We cannot give out advice to anyone that could conflict with our current client base.

If they do not want to answer questions say,"We need this information to perform a conflict check"
"Who refereed you to our law firm? Mr. Patel likes to thank all referrals personalty." If Web/Google, ask them Oh Google, what were you searching for?
Verify if the number on the phone is a good number.

Immigration Intake Prior to transfer

Let them know that our firm’s immigration attorney will contact them to gather more information and schedule a consultation. Consultations are 45 minutes and cost $275. The consultation fee will be applied to their retainer if they decide to hire our firm. If they are ok with this, the following should help in taking their information:


Caller says they have an immigration issue or question…
“Jason Bost is our immigration attorney, he is currently in court but in order to determine if he will be able to help you, can you provide me with some more information about your situation?”
Questions to ask:
-Age (birth date)
-Country of birth
-“Email and phone number so that Mr. Bost can get in touch with you quickly”
-what is their current status?
-Visa holders? (if so what type of visa)
-when did they get the visa
-when does it expire?
-Green card holders
-perm or temporary?
-when did they get their green card?
-when does the green card expire?
-who was their sponsor (i.e. spouse, family member, job, etc)
-in the US now?
-legally in the US? When did they enter the US? When did they last leave the US?
-are they married?
-if so, is their spouse a US citizen?
-children US citizens?
-Do they have any criminal convictions or arrests?
-Is this matter something that needs to be dealt with immediately?
-who helped them with their previous immigration legal needs?

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