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Data based on Hudson County Sheriff website - Accuracy is not guaranteed - Perform your own lien search and verify address, or hire an Nj Foreclosure Attorney who understands sheriff sales - Do not rely solely on this data
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Hudson County New Jersey Sheriff Sale's Details:

Sheriff # :20027102
Court Case # :F-032793-15
Sales Date :9/14/2017
Address :86 WEST 44TH STREET BAYONNE NJ 07002
Description :LOT: 39, BLOCK: 88 DIMENSIONS: 100.00FT X 25.00FT X 100.00 FT X 25.00FT NEAREST CROSS STREET: AVENUE C
Judgment Amount* :$351,631.85
Attorney Phone :856-813-5500

Hudson County Sheriff Sale's History:

Status Date
Scheduled 5/18/2017
Adjourned - Defendant (4 WEEKS) New Sale Date: 6/22/2017
ADJOURNED SHERIFF - New Sale Date: 7/13/2017
Adjourned - Plaintiff - New Sale Date: 9/14/2017

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