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People often choose to enter into real estate partnerships for a wide range of reasons. Many individuals are interested in investing in real estate to generate income or take advantage of long-term appreciation. Some individuals become co-owners by inheriting property from a family member, sharing ownership with others, or acquiring property during a marriage.

Occasionally, even the most successful partnerships encounter obstacles that hinder their advancement, whether due to personal or financial circumstances. At times, the partners can come to a mutual agreement to end the partnership and create a fair plan for dividing the property. Other times, however, there can be disagreements about how to divide the property to satisfy each party’s interests. In these situations, it might be necessary to initiate a partition action in order to fairly distribute and divide the shared property.

If you’re dealing with a partition dispute in Lakewood, New Jersey and need legal help from experienced Lakewood partition lawyers, we invite you to reach out to The Law Offices of Patel & Cardenas for a free consultation. We welcome the chance to discuss your case and provide you with a straightforward assessment of your legal options. Give our office a call today.

Lakewood Partition Lawyers

Types Of Partition Actions

Partition actions are legal proceedings that divide or distribute property among co-owners. There are various types of partition actions, each tailored to specific circumstances and objectives.

Partition In Kind

A partition in kind is one type of partition action. In this type of partition, the property is physically divided into independent parts and distributed to each co-owner. Partition in kind is frequently used when the property can be conveniently divided, such as large plots of land, and the co-owners can come to a mutual agreement on the division.

Partition By Sale

There is another type of partition action called a sale-based partition. In this process, the property is sold, and the funds are subsequently shared among the co-owners. Choosing to go with a partition by sale is sometimes necessary when dividing the property becomes difficult, such as in the case of a single-family home, or when disagreements arise among the co-owners about how to divide it. When situations like this arise, the court steps in to make sure the property is sold and each co-owner gets their fair share based on their ownership.

Sale By Appraisal 

Another type of partition action is known as partition by appraisal. In this type of partition, the property is appraised, and one co-owner has the opportunity to purchase the shares of the other co-owners according to their respective ownership interests. In an interpersonal context, partition by appraisal is often employed when one co-owner expresses a desire to retain the property and is open to compensating the other co-owners at a fair market value.

In general, partition actions offer a legal structure to settle disagreements between co-owners and ensure an equitable distribution of property. Partition actions are important for safeguarding the rights and interests of co-owners, whether they involve a physical division, sale, or appraisal.

Advantages Of Hiring A Partition Lawyer

Our Lakewood partition lawyers offer numerous advantages to individuals dealing with property disputes. Our experienced attorneys possess a wealth of knowledge specific to real estate law, enabling us to offer valuable guidance and advice. We are able to help with reviewing the merits of your case, obtaining evidence, and establishing a strong plan of action. You can rely on us to:

  • Assist in facilitating settlements or agreements between the parties involved, saving everyone the trouble and cost of a prolonged court battle.
  • Make strong and persuasive arguments in court to strengthen your chances of getting a favorable ruling.
  • Make sure all legal requirements and deadlines are met to minimize the chance of procedural errors that might adversely affect the case.
  • Provide open and honest feedback on how you can significantly improve their chances of achieving a positive resolution and safeguard your rights and interests in property disputes.
  • And much more! Real estate law is our bread and butter – we can help you with not only making a successful partition action (or defending against one) but with any real estate transactions that may result. 

What The Law Offices Of Patel & Cardenas Can Do For You 

If you need a knowledgeable law firm to handle a property dispute, give the Law Offices of Patel & Cardenas a call today. Our Lakewood partition lawyers will work with you to get the best possible result. Our extensive experience with New Jersey partition action cases gives our firm an edge in providing you with strategic legal counsel. Reach out to our team at your convenience to learn how we can help you! We will gladly review your case and outline the legal options available to you at no charge during a consultation.

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