New Jersey Bankruptcy Courts are Still Operating!

Apr 1, 2020 | Bankruptcy, New Jersey Foreclosure Defense

New Jersey Bankruptcy Courts are Still Operating!

The past few weeks, we have seen many changes with how the court systems around the country are operating. This understandably raises concerns for those with matters pending, and for those who were considering filing with the courts. While the courts have put many things on hold to focus on emergent matters only and allow staff and the entire legal community to practice social distancing, it is important to remember that the New Jersey Bankruptcy courts are still operating.

What does this mean for anyone who has already filed for Bankruptcy and awaiting confirmation or a discharge? It most importantly means that your bankruptcy petition is still moving forward. Any protections your had due to filing for bankruptcy before the physical closure of the courts is still in place. Any motions that need to be filed can still be filed, and the court and the trustee’s offices are making arrangements for any appearances to be done remotely where possible. It also means that there may be unanticipated delays due to staff across the industry working remotely. If you have already filed for bankruptcy and are concerned over any delays, you should contact your attorney to determine how a delay may affect your bankruptcy.

What does this mean for anyone who is considering filing for Bankruptcy? It means that you still can, and you do not need to wait until the country is no longer self-isolating. While many cases are currently on hold across New Jersey, including foreclosures, Sheriff sales, and evictions, it is unknown at this time how long the hold will be for. It is also advisable to speak to an attorney as soon as possible if bankruptcy is something you are considering as an option. Working with an attorney earlier will avoid having to rush a filing when the New Jersey courts begin moving foreclosures, evictions, etc. forward.

Filing for bankruptcy is already a complicated and overwhelming process in the best of times. With policies changing on a daily basis to facilitate the bankruptcy petitions, there are even more questions you may have. To help you navigate your bankruptcy, and hopefully answer some of your questions, our office will be posting answers to some of the most frequent questions we have been asked in the past few weeks. Please continue to check back for updates, or feel free to call our office during business hours, (973) 200-1111. While our staff is working remotely, we are still available to answer your questions and help you navigate through this uncertain time.

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