New Jersey Leads the US in Foreclosure Starts

Aug 8, 2018 | Bankruptcy, New Jersey Bankruptcy, New Jersey Foreclosure Defense

 New Jersey Foreclosures Top the Nation for the First 2 Quarters of 2018

Attom Data Solutions reported that the foreclosure rate in New Jersey was higher than in any other state in not only the first half of 2018, also the second quarter of 2018, and the month of June.  New Jersey has almost 1% of its homes in some state of the foreclosure process. The amount of bank-owned realty keeps increasing in New Jersey.

To avoid Foreclosure NJ Homeowners need to be Proactive

If you are a homeowner that fears that you will be unable to make your payments, contact a New Jersey Foreclosure Defense Lawyer to go over all of your options.  It is easier to get a forbearance earlier than later if you are facing financial issues.  Under certain circumstances, you can receive a forbearance that allows you to temporarily stop making your mortgage payments or to temporarily reduce the amount of your monthly mortgage payment. Stopping or reducing your payments may help you avoid Foreclosure.

If you have an FHA loan, there are specific programs that will help you save your home. Never assume that by doing nothing that the bank will go away.  A home can be foreclosed on in NJ in under 180 days if no defense is asserted.  However, even though NJ leads the nation in Foreclosure starts, it also has one of the longest

Veer Patel, Esq. NJ Foreclosure Defense lawyer is both a New Jersey & New York State Licensed attorney. He focuses on saving homes from Foreclosure. He has helped many people with defending foreclosure lawsuits in both New Jersey and New York.

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