N.J.S.A 17:30E-6. Proposed plan of operation

17:30E-6. Proposed plan of operation

a. Within 90 days after the organizational meeting, unless after the sixtieth day, but not later than the seventieth day, following the organizational meeting, the commissioner for good cause grants an additional period not to exceed 30 days, the board shall file with the commissioner for his approval a proposed plan of operation, consistent with the provisions of this act, which shall provide for the prompt and efficient provision of automobile insurance to qualified applicantS.The plan of operation shall provide for, among other matters, methods and means for the collection, investment and disbursement of funds; methods and standards for the establishment of adequate, actuarially sound reserves for unpaid losses, including provision for incurred but not reported losses; reasonable and adequate commissions to producers; protection of the interests of producers of record without a contractual relationship with a voluntary market member company; procedures and methods for issuing policies on behalf of the association; the method for determining and means of assessing the liability of an insurer which ceases to transact automobile insurance in this State with respect to business transacted prior to the effective date of its termination of membership; minimum requirements for the selection and performance of servicing carriers; minimum requirements for the performance of producers; reasonable and adequate compensation of such servicing carriers; procedures for matching producers with servicing carriers; the methods and procedures for notifying directors of the time and place of board meetings; and the phasing out of the plan for the providing and apportionment of automobile insurance pursuant to section 1 of P.L.1970, C. 215 (C. 17:29D-1), in a manner which will minimize the shifting of insureds among carriers, except that nothing herein shall be interpreted to affect the provisions of P.L.1968, C. 158 (C. 17:29C-6 et seq.).

b. The plan of operation adopted by the board shall be submitted to the commissioner for his review and approval. If the commissioner approves the proposed plan, he shall certify such approval to the directors and said plan shall take effect on the date certified by the commissioner. If the commissioner disapproves all or any part of the proposed plan of operation, he shall return same to the directors with a statement, in writing, of the reasons for his disapproval and any recommendations he may wish to make. The directors may accept the commissioner’s recommendations or may propose a new plan, which recommendations or plan shall be submitted to the commissioner within 30 days after the return of a disapproved plan to the directorS.If the directors do not submit a proposed plan of operation or if the directors do not submit a new plan which is acceptable to the commissioner, or accept the recommendations of the commissioner within 30 days after the disapproval of a proposed plan, the commissioner shall promulgate a plan of operation and certify same to the directorS.Any such plan promulgated by the commissioner shall take effect on the date certified by the commissioner.

C. The directors of the association may amend the plan of operation at any time, subject to approval by the commissioner.

d. The commissioner shall annually review the plan of operation and, not later than April 1, 1985 and not later than April 1 of each year thereafter, shall approve or amend the plan of operation; and any amendments to the plan adopted by the commissioner pursuant to the annual review shall be binding on the board as of the effective date of the amendmentS.The commissioner may review the plan of operation at any other time, and may propose amendments to the board. If the board does not adopt amendments acceptable to the commissioner within 30 days, the commissioner may certify amendments and their effective date to the board.

e. Any order of the commissioner with respect to the plan of operation, or any amendment thereto, shall be subject to review by the Appellate Division of the Superior Court.

L.1983, C. 65, S.18, eff. Jan. 1, 1983. Amended by L.1984, C. 1, S.6.


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