N.J.S.A 17:35-6. Reserve or emergency fund

17:35-6. Reserve or emergency fund

Every such life insurance corporation shall accumulate and maintain a reserve or emergency fund of an amount not less than the proceeds of one death assessment or periodical call on all policy or certificate holders, and at least equal to the amount of its maximum policy or certificate. The fund shall be accumulated by every corporation formed under this article, within six months from the date of its incorporation, and shall be held for the benefit or protection of the members, their legal representatives or beneficiarieS.If the fund or any portion thereof is used by the corporation for the purpose for which it was created or accumulated, and the amount thereof thereby reduced to less than the amount of one death assessment or periodical call, the amount of the reduction below the amount of one death assessment or periodical call shall be made up and restored to the fund within three months thereafter. The fund may be held in cash or invested in the class of securities required by law for the investment of funds by life insurance corporationS.Nothing contained herein shall prevent the creation and accumulation of other funds in excess of the amount herein required to provide for the purposes of the corporation. If the fund is in excess of the amount of one death assessment or periodical call upon all certificates or policyholders and not less than one hundred thousand dollars, the excess or any portion thereof may be used in the reduction of assessment or periodical payments by policy or certificate holders by ratable cash dividends or credits or in such other equitable division or apportionment thereof as its rules or contracts provide, or the pro rata excess on any policy or certificate terminated by death or surrender may be refunded to the holder or beneficiary as provided for in the policy or contract. Nothing contained in this article shall be construed to permit any contract promising any fixed cash payment to any living certificate or policyholder, except in the contingency of total physical disability.


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