N.J.S.A 17:36-9. Municipal ordinances authorized

17:36-9. Municipal ordinances authorized

Any municipality may, by ordinance, prohibit the payment to a claimant by any insurance company of any claim in excess of $2,500.00 for fire damages on any real property located within the municipality, pursuant to any fire insurance policy issued or renewed after the adoption of such ordinance and after the filing of such ordinance with the State Commissioner of Insurance, until such time as: a.(1) anticipated demolition costs and all taxes and assessments and all other municipal liens or charges due and payable, appearing on the official certificate of search; or (2) all taxes and assessments and all other municipal liens or charges due and payable, appearing on the official certificate of search, shall have been paid either by the owner of such real property or by the insurance company pursuant to the provisions of section 3 of this act; or b. the municipality submits to the insurance company a copy of a resolution adopted pursuant to section 4 of this act. No change in such an ordinance shall take effect until filed with the commissioner.

The State Commissioner of Insurance shall cause to have published in the New Jersey Register a list of all municipalities which have adopted ordinances pursuant to paragraph (1) or (2) of subsection a. of this section and said list shall designate by asterisk those municipalities which have adopted said ordinances since the previous date of publication of said list.

The official certificate of search may, from time to time, be altered, by the bonded official responsible for preparing such certificates, in order to correct any errors or omissions or to add any municipal liens or related charges due and payable subsequent to the preparation of the official certificate.

L. 1978, C. 184, S.2. Amended by L. 1979, C. 369, S.2, eff. Feb. 4, 1980; L. 1984, C. 244, S.2, eff. Jan. 3, 1985; L. 1985, C. 519, S.2, eff. Jan. 21, 1986.


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