N.J.S.A 17:44B-21. Holding, investment, disbursement of assets

17:44B-21. Holding, investment, disbursement of assets

21. a. All assets shall be held, invested and disbursed for the use and benefit of the society and no member or beneficiary shall have or acquire individual rights therein or become entitled to any apportionment on the surrender of any part of the assets, except as provided in the benefit contract.

b. A society may create, maintain, invest, disburse and apply any special fund or funds necessary to carry out any purpose permitted by the laws of the society.

C.A society may, pursuant to resolution of its supreme governing body, establish and operate one or more separate accounts and issue separate account contracts, whether or not contracts on a variable basis, subject to the provisions of law regulating life and health insurers establishing those accounts and issuing those contractS.To the extent the society deems it necessary in order to comply with any applicable federal or State laws, or any rules or regulations issued thereunder, the society may adopt special procedures for the conduct of the business and affairs of a separate account; may, for persons having beneficial interests in an account, provide special voting and other rights, including special rights and procedures relating to investment policy, investment advisory services, selection of certified public accountants, and selection of a committee to manage the business and affairs of the account, and may issue contracts on a variable basis to which subsections b. and d. of section 18 of this act shall not apply.

d. Separate accounts of foreign or alien societies are subject to approval by the department, unless the society’s place of domicile has adopted a substantially similar act.



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