N.J.S.A 17:45-5. Provisions required in death benefit certificates

17:45-5. Provisions required in death benefit certificates

No certificate, contracting to pay a death benefit, other than a cash benefit on accidental death only, shall be issued, by any association authorized to transact business under the provisions of this chapter unless the same shall contain the following provisions:

a. A provision setting forth the amounts of all fees, dues or other contributions on such certificate and the time and place where payment of such fees, dues or other contributions shall be made.

b. A provision that when claim for the death benefit is made thereunder, settlement shall be made immediately upon or within a specified period not more than two months after satisfactory proof of death of the member is received by the association.

C. A provision that if the age of the member has been understated the amount payable under the certificate shall be such as the contributions paid would have provided for at the correct age.

d. A provision that the benefit certificate and the application therefor, if any, provided that a copy thereof is attached to the certificate when issued, together with the by-laws of the association as they then exist, shall constitute the entire contract between the association and the member.

e. A provision specifying the basis of a reserve to be maintained by the association on the certificate, the legal minimum standard for which shall be the standard industrial table of mortality with interest at the rate of three and one-half per cent per annum calculated according to the modified preliminary term method permitted by law for the valuation of industrial life insurance policieS.

f. A provision, which, in the event of default in payment of contributions or assessments after such certificate shall have been in force for a period of not less than three years, will secure to the member a stipulated form of benefit, the net value of which shall be not less than the entire reserve held by the association on the certificate, less a specified percentage, not more than three per cent of the face amount of the certificate.

g. A provision for four weeks’ grace for the payment of all fees, dues, contributions and assessments, except initial membership contributions or fees, during which time benefits will continue in force, provided that overdue contributions may be deducted from any benefit which may be payable.

h. A provision that in the event that the assets of the association become less than its liabilities including all guarantee, benefit and reserve funds provided for and required by this act, the deficiency shall be made good and the trustees may levy an assessment on the memberS.

i. A provision that all statements of the member in his application or on his behalf shall constitute representations and not warranties and that the membership and benefit certificate shall be incontestable after the certificate shall have been in force for two years, except for nonpayment of dues, contributions or assessmentS.

j. A provision specifying the basis on which the certificate may be reinstated after lapse, but all reinstatements shall be for full benefits if the certificate shall previously have been in force for at least two years, and the reinstatement may be contested for misrepresentation or fraud for a period of not more than two years thereafter.


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