N.J.S.A 17:46B-56. Records

17:46B-56. Records

Every domestic title insurance company shall, except as hereinafter provided, keep and maintain at its principal office in this State: a. Its charter and bylaws, b. its books of account, C. a record containing the names and addresses of its stockholders, the number and class of shares held by each and the dates when they respectively became the owners of record thereof, and d. the minutes of any meetings of its stockholders, board of directors and committees thereof.

A domestic title insurance company may keep and maintain its books of account without this State if, in accordance with a plan adopted by its board of directors or trustees and approved by the commissioner, it maintains in this State suitable records in lieu thereof; provided, however, that the commissioner may after notice and hearing direct such title insurance company to return all or any of its books of account to this State if such return is reasonably necessary to protect the interest of the people of this State or to permit their inspection in this State by a director or stockholder who has shown to the satisfaction of the commissioner that he has made an application to such title insurance company for inspection of such books in good faith and for a necessary and legitimate purpose, and that such title insurance company has either declined to permit such inspection or to agree to pay any additional expenses reasonably to be incurred by the applicant, or his agent or attorney, in connection with the inspection of such books as a result of their maintenance without this State. If in the judgment of the commissioner delay in the return of any or all books of account of such title insurance company may be hazardous, or may cause irreparable injury, to the people of this State or to the policyholders of such title insurance company, he may direct the return thereof without notice and hearing.

L.1975, C. 106, S.55, eff. May 29, 1975.


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