N.J.S.A 17:46C-2. Legislative declarations

17:46C-2. Legislative declarations

It is declared that there is a need to encourage the development of effective and economically sound methods for making legal services more readily available at reasonable cost to the citizens of New Jersey; that there is a need to protect the interest of the users of legal services and of the public of this State with a minimum of restrictions on experimentation with new forms of organization, administration, or benefits; that the risks inherent in experimentation with legal services plans should be borne by the promoters of new plans rather than by the customers; that persons other than professional insurers should be permitted and encouraged to provide legal services, subject to practical and reasonable financial and regulatory requirements; that effective competition between the various systems of financing legal services should be permitted and encouraged; and that it is the purpose of this act to meet the aforementioned needs and accomplish the aforementioned objectives.

L.1981, C.160, s.2.


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