N.J.S.A 17:48C-8. Written contracts required; subscription certificate; provisions required

17:48C-8. Written contracts required; subscription certificate; provisions required

Every contract entered into by the corporation with any subscriber shall be in writing and a certificate stating the terms and conditions thereof shall be furnished to the subscriber. No such subscription certificate shall be issued or delivered by any dental service corporation unless it contains the following provisions:

(a) A statement of the amounts payable to the corporation by the subscriber and the times at which and the manner in which such amounts shall be paid; and a provision requiring 90 days’ written notice to the subscriber before any change in the contract, including a change in the amount of subscription rate, shall take effect;

(b) a statement of the nature of the dental services to be paid for and the period during which the certificate is effective; and if there are any types of dental services to be excepted, or for which benefits are limited, a detailed statement of such exceptions and limitations printed as hereinafter specified;

(c) a statement of the terms or conditions, if any, upon which the certificate may be canceled or otherwise terminated at the option of either party;

(d) a statement that the subscription certificate constitutes the contract between the corporation and the subscriber and includes the endorsements thereon and attached papers, if any, and contains the entire contract;

(e) a statement that no statement by the subscriber in his application for a certificate shall void the contract or be used in any legal proceeding thereunder, unless such application or an exact copy thereof is included in or attached to the certificate, and that no agent or representative of the corporation, other than an officer or officers designated in the certificate, is authorized to change the contract or waive any of its provisions;

(f) a statement that if the subscriber defaults in making any payment under the certificate, the subsequent acceptance of a payment by the corporation or by one of its duly authorized agents shall reinstate the contract, but such reinstatement shall not provide coverage for the period during which the subscriber was in default in making such payment;

(g) a statement of the period of grace which will be allowed the subscriber for making any payment due under the contract, which period shall not be less than 10 days;

(h) a statement that indemnity in the form of cash will not be paid to any subscriber except in payment for dental services for which the corporation was liable at the time of such payment.

L.1968, C. 305, S.8, eff. Sept. 26, 1968.


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