N.J.S.A 17:48D-11 Books, records; examination, inspection by commissioner.

17:48D-11 Books, records; examination, inspection by commissioner.

11. a. The commissioner or the commissioner’s designee may, as often as the commissioner may reasonably determine, investigate the business and examine the books, accounts, records, and files of every dental plan organization. For that purpose the commissioner or the commissioner’s designee shall have reasonably free access to the offices and places of business, books, accounts, papers, records, and files of all dental plan organizationS.A dental plan organization shall keep and use in its business such books, accounts, and records as will enable the commissioner to determine whether the dental plan organization is complying with the provisions of this act and with the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to it. A dental plan organization shall preserve its books, accounts, and records for at least 7 years; except that preservation by photographic reproduction or records in photographic form shall constitute compliance with this act.

b. For the purpose of the examination, the commissioner may, within the limits of funds appropriated for such purpose, contract with such persons as the commissioner may deem advisable to conduct the same or assist therein.

C.At the discretion of the commissioner, the Commissioner of Health and the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry may participate in the investigations and examinations described in this section to verify the existence of an effective dental plan.

d. The expenses incurred in making any examination pursuant to this section shall be assessed against and paid by the dental plan organization so examined. A dental plan organization having direct premiums written in this State of less than $2,000,000 in any calendar year shall be subject to a limited scope examination with expenses for that examination not to exceed $5,000. Upon written notice by the commissioner of the total amount of an assessment, a dental plan organization shall become liable for and shall pay the assessment to the commissioner.

L.1979, c.478, s.11; amended 2005, c.38, s.9; 2012, c.17, s.36.


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