N.J.S.A 17:48D-13 Annual report; filing; forms.

17:48D-13 Annual report; filing; forms.

13. a. Every dental plan organization annually on or before March 1 shall file with the commissioner a report covering its activities for the preceding calendar year.

b. The reports shall be on forms prescribed by the commissioner and shall include:

(1) A financial statement of the dental plan organization, prepared by an independent certified public accountant and attested to by an officer of the dental plan organization, which statement shall include full disclosure of all assets and liabilities of the dental plan organization, the terms and conditions thereof, and the sources and disposition of all fundS.If the dental plan organization’s records have been audited by an independent certified public accountant, the financial statement shall be certified by the certified public accountant having conducted the audit;

(2) Any significant modification of information submitted with the application for a certificate of authority;

(3) The number of persons who became covered persons during the year, the number of covered persons as of the end of the year and the number of enrollments terminated during the year;

(4) A description of the covered persons complaint system, including the procedures of the complaint system, the total number of written complaints handled through the system, a summary of causes underlying the complaints filed, and the number, amount and disposition of malpractice claims settled during the year by the dental plan organization and any of the dentists used by it; and

(5) Any other information relating to the performance of the dental plan organization as required by the commissioner.

L.1979,C. 478,S.13; amended 1983, C. 24, S.4; 2005, C. 38, S.11.


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