N.J.S.A 17:48E-16. Joint ventures

17:48E-16. Joint ventures

a. A health service corporation of this State may, (1) with the participation of any other corporation licensed pursuant to Title 17 of the Revised Statutes, Title 17B of the New Jersey Statutes, or P.L. 1973, C. 337 (C. 26:2J-1. Short title et seq.), or licensed pursuant to similar statutes of other states, jointly issue individual or group contracts for health care and other benefits, including complete employee welfare and other employee benefit programs, or (2) with the participation of any other corporation, jointly enter into contracts to provide or receive services in connection with the providing of health care or conducting the business of insurance in accordance with the provisions of this act or as permitted by the commissioner. The commissioner may establish any policy nonforfeiture requirements or reserve requirements as he deems necessary. Agreements between a health service corporation and other corporations pursuant to this section may provide for experience rating, if the experience rating is done on an equitable basis between the health service corporation and the other corporations; or for a sharing of the premiums, claims, and expenses by the participating corporations; or subject to regulation by the commissioner, for acceptance or ceding of the whole or portions of risks on a reinsurance basis, except that a health service corporation may not accept risks on a reinsurance basis which it may not accept on a primary basis pursuant to its powers as a health service corporation and may not, under any circumstances, act as a reinsurer of life insurance. Agreements made pursuant to this section shall be filed with and approved by the commissioner before becoming effective.

b. In the case of any joint venture for the sale of insurance with other than an insurer or hospital, medical, or health service corporation licensed to do business in this or any other state, the other partner or partners in the venture shall be licensed to sell insurance as producers pursuant to P.L. 1987, C. 293 (C. 17:22A-1 et seq.).

P.L. 1985, C. 236, S.16; amended by P.L. 1988, C. 71, S.2.


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