N.J.S.A 17:48E-19. Provisions of subscription certificates

17:48E-19. Provisions of subscription certificates

Every individual contract entered into between a health service corporation and a subscriber shall be in writing and a certificate stating the terms and conditions thereof shall be furnished to the subscriber to be kept by him. No subscription certificate shall be made, issued or delivered in this State unless it contains the following provisions:

a. A statement of the contract rate, or amount payable to the health service corporation by or on behalf of the subscriber for the period of coverage and of the time or times at which, and the manner in which, the amount is to be paid; and a provision requiring 30 days’ written notice to the subscriber before any change in the contract, including a change in the amount of the subscription rate, shall take effect;

b. A statement of the nature of the health services to be furnished or paid for and the period during which they will be furnished or paid for; and, if there are any services to be excepted, or any benefits to be limited, a detailed statement of the exceptions or limitations printed as hereinafter specified;

C. A statement of the terms and conditions, if any, upon which the contract may be amended on approval of the commissioner or canceled, or otherwise terminated, at the option of either party. Any notice to the subscriber shall be sent by mail to the subscriber’s address as shown at the time on the health service plan’s records, except that, in the case of persons for whom payment under their contracts is made through a remitting agent, notice may be sent to the remitting agent, in which case it shall be the responsibility of the remitting agent to notify the subscriber. The notice shall be sent at least 30 days before the amendment, cancellation or termination of the contract takes effect. A rider or endorsement accompanying the notice, and amending the rates or other provisions of the contract, shall be deemed to be a part of the contract as of the effective date of the rider or endorsement;

d. A statement that the contract includes the endorsements thereon and attached papers, if any, and contains the entire contract;

e. A statement that no statement by the subscriber in his application for a contract shall void the contract or be used in any legal proceeding thereunder, unless the application or an exact copy thereof is included in or attached to the contract, and that no agent or representative of the health service corporation, other than an officer or officers designated therein, is authorized to change the contract or waive any of its provisions;

f. A statement that if the subscriber defaults in making any payment under the contract, the subsequent acceptance of a payment by the health service corporation or by one of its duly authorized agents shall reinstate the contract, but with respect to sickness and injury may cover any sickness as may be first manifested more than 10 days after the date of the acceptance;

g. A statement of the period of grace, which shall not be less than 10 days, allowed the subscriber for making any payment due under the contract; and

h. A contract may contain a provision that all health services furnished or paid for by a hospital service corporation shall be in accordance with the accepted medical practices in the community at the time, but the health service corporation shall not be liable for injuries resulting from negligence, misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance or malpractice on the part of any provider of health care services in the course of rendering health care services to subscriberS.

L. 1985, C. 236, S.19, eff. July 15, 1985.


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