N.J.S.A 17:48E-37. Examination authority

17:48E-37. Examination authority

a. The commissioner shall have the power, whenever he deems it expedient, to make or cause to be made an examination of the assets and liabilities, method of conducting business and all other affairs of every health service corporation authorized or which has made application for authority to transact business under the provisions of this act. For the purposes of the examination, the commissioner may authorize and employ persons to conduct the examination or to assist therein as he deems advisable, which examination may be conducted in any state in which the corporation examined has an office, agent, or place of business.

b. The reasonable expense of the examination shall be fixed and determined by the commissioner, and he shall recover that expense from the health service corporation examined, which shall make payment on presentation of a detailed account of the expense. If any health service corporation, after examination, shall be adjudged by the Superior Court to be insolvent, the expense of the examination, if unpaid, shall be ordered paid out of the assets of the health service corporation. No health service corporation shall, either directly or indirectly, pay, by way of gift, credit, or otherwise, any other or further sum to the commissioner or to any person in the employ of the Department of Insurance, for extra service or for the purposes of legislation, or for any purpose whatever.

C.It shall be the duty of the officers, agents and employees of a health service corporation to exhibit all its books, records and accounts for the purpose of the examination, and otherwise to facilitate the examination so far as it may be in their power to do so, and for that purpose the commissioner and his deputies, assistants and employees shall have the power to examine, under oath, the officers, agents and employees of the health service corporation relative to its business and affairs.

L. 1985, C.236, s.37, eff. July 15, 1985.


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